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Which cast list is your overall favorite for recasting TNG?

Hawkeye Meds
3 (14.3%)
1 (4.8%)
Just X
4 (19%)
Mark Daniels
1 (4.8%)
7 (33.3%)
5 (23.8%)

Total Members Voted: 21

Voting closed: February 07, 2009, 08:40:32 AM


Here are your choices.  Pick the list you like best.  Vote just once.

Hawkeye Meds

Picard = Ben Kingsley (was Ghandi Wink  )
Ryker = Ioan Gruffudd (Mr Fantastic in Fantastic 4)
Worf = Michael Clarke Duncan (a real big fella)
La Forge = Donald Faison (Turk in Scrubs)
Crusher = Meryl Streep (oldest actress who i thought would look good in a TNG uniform Wink  )
Troi = Minnie Driver (curves)
Data = Jason Lee (i can just see it )
Wesley = Daniel radcliffe ( think he would be great and not as annoying )


Picard - James Marsters
Riker - Skeet Ulrich
Data - Neil Patrick Harris
Geordi - Chiwetel Ejiofor
Worf - Rainbow Sun Francks
Troi - Yvonne Strahovski
Crusher - Gwyneth Paltrow
Wes - Elijah Wood

Just X

Picard: Jason Statham ... An odd choice, but I believe that he could pull off the captain role even if he is just a bit younger than expected.
Beverly Crusher: Gillian Anderson ... I believe that she would make a good counter to Statham.
Worf: Vin Diesel ... The voice and build would lend well to Klingon makeup.
Troi: Liv Tyler because of her look.
Riker: Edward Norton ... has already established onscreen chemistry with Tyler and is a better choice than Affleck for the role.
Geordi Laforge: I went with Rainbow Sun Franks from Stargate Atlantis. I think given the chance he would shine in the role.
Data, I would go with Sheldon from Big Bang Theory
Unfortunately I couldn't cast Wes. There aren't too many child actors that I can see handing the role over to.

Mark Daniels (M-5 on the forum)

Jean-Luc Picard - Gregory Peck
William T. Riker – James Garner
Geordi La Forge – Al Freeman Jr.
Dr. Beverly Crusher – Maureen O'Hara.
Data – Martin Landau
Worf – Yaphet Kotto
Deanna Troi – Jean Simmons
Wesley Crusher – Tim Matheson


Captain Picard: Ben Kingsley (British Actor—Bald)
Riker: David Boreanaz  (tall dark and handsome, expressive eyes)
Data: Jim Parsons (He could pull it off)
Doctor Crusher: Melissa Gilbert (had to have a slightly older actress with red hair)
Geordi: Gary Dourdan (his eyes...)
Worf: Michael Clark Duncan (BIG dude, commanding presence)
Deanna Troi: Zooey Deschanel (petite peppy brunette actress)


Captain Picard - Sir Ian McKellan.
Riker - Keifer Sutherland (personal favourite)
Data - James Marsters
Geordie - Will Smith
Worf - Samuel J (Snakes on a Mother*****ing plane) Jackson
Troi - The lovely lovely Teri Hatcher
Crusher - The equally lovely Marcia Cross (Bree Hodge in Desperate Housewives)
Wes - Shia Labeouf



All inspired ideas but I had to go with Tim's! Any cast with Samuel J, I hate Wes and I hate Shia, and he clearly has a Desperate Houswives fetish! Nice!!!

Dan M

I had to go with that one, too.  Anything to see Teri in a starfleet uniform again. 

Plus, Jack Bauer could really get some problems solved with 24th century tech.


those are some great choices. It made me rethink completely my choice for Riker.


It's also interesting to see that several actors made more than one list. Does that mean that we all watch the same things?


Well, If I couldn't vote for my own, I'd have to go for Meds overall, although there were some other suggestions that I preferred over his. But as I said, overall, Meds would get my vote
You could learn something from Mr Spock Doctor..... Stop thinking with your glands"


i'd love to see Big Sam Jackson in a starfleet uniform. Nice choice Tim. And i think you'd be ok voting for your own team. Ha ha.


There is no rule against voting for yourself on this - if that's the group you like best.

Captain BJ Wanlund

I WAS going to vote for Tim... Then I saw who he cast as Geordi.  *puke*

NONE of these strike me as being anywhere near good.  I'll abstain.

Love Star Trek TOS & TNG (never really got into DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise).  Also love Star Wars (everything save for the prequels...), and Indiana Jones, and ElfQuest, basically anything remotely SF or fantasy is my bag, tho I tend more towards SF than I do fantasy.



lol...if you don't have something nice to say...


I think all of the casts have some great choices... I especially like that Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory was cast as Data in two of them. And I gotta say, between Sam Jackson, Neil Patrick Harris, David Boreanaz, Meryl Streep, and the classic Hollywood stars, it was a really tough call.


Quote from: billybob476 on January 30, 2009, 05:35:24 AM
lol...if you don't have something nice to say...
That's why I didn't reply. I suppose if there were better ideas out there, then those people with them should have made a submission.


The only thing this contest demonstrated to me is how woefully uninformed I am about current popular actors! I have no clue who some of those people are! I incorrectly interpreted this contest to mean if you recast TNG today with modern talent, I never considered using older or more established names, but now that I see them, I wish I had played.