Error or Virus?

Started by KingIsaacLinksr, January 06, 2009, 08:22:52 PM

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Here is a message one of our computers got:  (The gateway thing is the router)

Your 2700HG-S Gateway has intercepted your web page request to provide you with this important message. The following devices on your network are using a large number of simultaneous Internet sessions:


The most likely cause of this issue is a ~blaster~ type virus which has infected the device. It is strongly recommended that the devices above be scanned for potential viruses.

Note that a large number of sessions may occasionally be the result of application software or gaming software installed on the device. If you believe this is the case, click the ~Do not show me excessive session warnings in the future~ to disable this feature.

To access the requested Web page that was intercepted, please close all browser windows and then restart your Web browser software.

If you continue to see this page after closing all open Web browser windows, restart your computer.

Keri as far as I know is the computer we were seeing the message on. 

I'm wondering if there really is a virus (which yes, we did scan the computer and found nothing) or is this just a bug.  Only 3 computers are on this network.  No, this computer can't play computer games. 

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Being somewhat experienced in these sort of things, I did a google search and found the entry below and it sounds like you're getting a false positive and just need to click on the option not to display the message in the future.  Rob

Probably nothing to worry about. You've just been hit by the latest "anti-virus" stupidity, brought to you by the same intelligence (or lack thereof) that brought you warnings that somebody has received a virus-laden email, allegedly from you. See and,13667871 for similar complaints.

Your router/gateway counts the number of connections and breaks in if they get over a certain level. Some web pages have ad-banners from a gazillion external ad servers, and throw in a few frames holding external data, resulting in a whole bunch of simultaneous connections, which can trigger this warning. Fortunately, your gateway allows you to turn off this so-called "feature".

BTW, I currently have Live365 streaming while I'm surfing the web and posting this message. On some occasions, I also have the latest security updates downloading to my PC. It's called multi-tasking. I wonder how this would affect things.