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Started by Vartok, November 25, 2008, 04:34:58 PM

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Not that I am into the who twilight thing (yet), but the SciFi magazine for this month had an ad for the web site where they sell rare out of print, original movie posters.   In their own words "Bloody Rare Posters specializes in authentic and original movie posters and screenplays in horror, science fiction, fantasy and crime. Our posters are rare and genuine theater-used materials for films which had a U.S. theatrical release from the 1950's through today. We also carry foreign movie posters, including Belgian, Japanese, Polish, Czech and more. We do not sell reproductions."  They also sell rare books.  Price for these posters seems to be around $100-$150, and so are for the well-heeled.

:jemhadar Vartok