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Recent Forum Drama

Started by Rico, October 30, 2008, 05:04:49 AM

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A few things that have recently happened on the forum I thought might be good to discuss.  The first being Rob or Metron here.  Rob was a fairly long time member here and I enjoyed having him on the forum.  Recently most of you read the posts about his not feeling he was getting the credit he deserved for his musical contributions to the Ready Rooms.  Now, I feel this wasn't a justified concern and he had been thanked many times.  Still, he decided to first drop out of doing music for the Ready Room's and then quickly after removed himself from the forum.  I bear him no ill will and I don't think anyone else does here either.  He is welcome back if he decides to return.

The other more recent issue was with iceman (or John).  Most of us know he has posted many photos over his time here - mainly outdoor nature shots.  It has come to my attention that not all of these pictures were taken by him - even though he said they were.  This is something I have a real issue with.  As many of us who are creative here know, taking credit for another's work is just wrong.  Again, I am unsure why he felt the need to do this but the fact is he did.  I am unsure at this point what pictures he actually took himself and which he didn't.  He is still a member here but I have heard he may leave.  I am leaving it open at this point for him.  If he decides to let the people here know what he did and ask for our understanding and forgiveness I am willing to listen.  But he needs to come clean.

One thing these recent issues have made me understand better is that there are people out there who seem to be insecure about things in their lives.  I try to make this a very nice, open and pleasant forum for us geeks to visit.  We are all by nature a little different than "the norm."  But I think that makes us all the more special.  I really do consider everyone that visits here a good friend and please if you ever want to talk just let me or one of the mods know.  I know we would be happy to listen.

Ok - Rico's long winded pep talk is now over.  ;)


Well said....

I  too hope that Rob considers joining the community again and I really hope Iceman doesn't feel too embarassed and is comfortable enough to stay here.


I've been on quite a few forums in my time and few are as conflict-free then this board. I do truly wish that Rob returns, I do enjoy his music and his contributions to the forum. The same for iceman, everyone makes mistakes and I know that I won't personally hold it against him in any way.

I'm active on 3 forums at the moment and 2 of them have experienced some form of drama. In these tough times it's easy to get down and unhappy with yourself or others. I know that when I load up these forums I have a chance to get away from that for a few minutes.


Really you (Rico) and Kenny do a wonderful job at keeping the drama to a minimum on this forum, thank you!

As far as Rob is concerned, I think he a very talented guy.  He let assumptions get the best of him.  I have done that  before.  My hope is that he re-thinks things and joins back up with an improved attitude.  No one here is out to get him. 

Iceman is welcome too.  I don't think what he did was honest, and it makes me question many other things, but trust is earned.  Perhaps if he just came clean and started over gaining some trust it would be good. 

I have spoken in person to both of these folks over the last year and hope that things go well fo rthem.  We all have choices, and sometimes we don't make the best ones- me included.  Let's hope that life goes on and we all are more geniune and easy to hang with.

Peace.  Out.  :)

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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I'm not nearly as active as I used to be here, and it has been said a lot, but I find it surprising that Rob wasn't feeling appreciated enough.  I don't know...guess its hard to say.  I mean, I guess we were ravishing him enough?   :-\  That's about the only thing I can think of...

A real pity what Iceman did.  But I'm cool with him being here if he admits his mistake. 

Just my tiny  :2cents

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Of course a topic such as this raises many questions about exactly who did what, where, when and why but please forgive me if I resist the urge to ask them. Such things may satisfy personal curiosity but they add no value to the discussion.

As with most of us (probably) I originally arrived here because when I first discovered podcasts, I was attracted by one that mentioned both Trek and Sci-Fi in the title. It seemed to be home-made by any easy-going type of guy who lived in a basement full of toys in the States (sorry Rico!) . It had a forum associated with it so I registered because I wanted to leave podcast comments.

I'm still here and posting (OK, it's only been a few months) because what I found was a friendly bunch of people with common overlapping interests who seemed fairly happy to chat and discuss all aspects of life in a fairly light hearted manner (and believe me, I'm staggered that some of the topics on here didn't lead to blows!). If you ask me it needed more of a UK representation but nothing's ever quite perfect ;)

I don't come here to praise or criticise the actions of others, in the same way as I'm not particularly looking to anyone for character re-inforcement for my own actions. I signed up to leave comments on podcasts - anything else I'm getting out of being here is a distinct bonus. How others choose to view their interactions here is, of course, their own business.

What I will say that is that I think it's very easy in an online environment to be whoever you wish to appear to be and to act with less thought for the consequences than might be the caase in a face-to-face conversation. I've certainly fallen foul of that temptation in the past (Sorry!).

Quote from: Rico on October 30, 2008, 05:04:49 AM
I try to make this a very nice, open and pleasant forum for us geeks to visit.  We are all by nature a little different than "the norm."  But I think that makes us all the more special.  I really do consider everyone that visits here a good friend and please if you ever want to talk just let me or one of the mods know.  I know we would be happy to listen.

What I think I'm saying in some rambling fashion is that you've succeeded as far as I'm concerned and that this really is an unusual online environment. Congratulations and thank you.

(Having written all this, I'm not really sure it adds any value to thread but I'll post it and let you make of it what you will)

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


I'm a forgiving person, I always belief in forgiving then holding a grudge. We all make mistakes, we're only human and I want to say I do forgive Iceman for his actions. I am willing to give him a second chance here on the forums. I hold no grudge. I wouldn't want to loose someone because of a little grudge.

And I'm going to miss Rob, I hope he doesn't stay away long. I loved hearing his reading of my RPG post, I thought he did a wonderful job, it really sounded fantastic. And his opinions on the Skype call, it was great hearing him. I considered him a friend, especially after his reading of my post on the ready room. He has sent me a PM about reading my post, trying to figure out exactly how I envisioned it. He seemed like a real nice guy. I know if he doesn't come back I will miss him very much on the forums.

And thanks Rico for this community you've put together. Before joining here I was a member on several other forums, they all seemed to put me down or argue with my beliefs. I had yet to find a forum where I felt welcome till Treks in Scifi. I listened to your podcast for sometime before I finally decided to join. It was all the bad experiences I'd had before that stopped me from joining, but I'm very glad I did. This is a great forum and a great bunch of people who populate it.


I was quite shocked by Robs comments and thought they were a bit over the top. As for Iceman well he'll know he's done wrong, you can't take credit for other peoples work. I love this forum and I'm proud to call you my friends. I talk (well type chat) with Kenny near enough every day, I'm in constant email converse with Jen and Rick and i enjoy talking to Tim, Bryan, KC, Joe, Tim, feathers, Eric, Chris and Rico. I've found a fellow film maker in the form of Sheppard (though i think he's better as he's made more than me ;) ) and my writting has improved so much because of working with the RPG people especially Jen. I love doing the RPG and i love geeking out with you all. Personally it takes a lot for me to trust people, I choose my friends very carefully and when i say i class you all as friends i seriously mean it. There is always going to be the odd down point, the odd argument and with any down point there is always a up point to come. We are heading towards show 200, and Rico you have created not only a fabulous, entertaining podcast but a community as well so let us concentrate on the future and all be honest and be open with each other. 

As to quote King, just my 2 pence worth.


I have only been a member here for a year and a half but have never regretted joining. I have made some friends and enjoy reading everyone's opinions. I'm disappointed in Rob and his decision to leave. Seems kind of petty to me but who am I to say? And as for Iceman all I can say is come clean son! I doubt there is a single member on here who has not pretended at some point in their life to be someone or something they are not! We all make mistakes but it takes a person of real character and maturity to confess and admit that you have failed and also to believe in the best in others that they are willing forgive and forget. As far as I am concerned I am cool with Iceman staying if he comes clean and apologizes.

Rico - I have been a member of many forums over the years and I think this is one of the coolest sites to come to every day. I may not post every day but I come by at least once a day and probably more just to see what's happening. Many topics are of no interest to me and that is OK and to be expected but I also know that I have a lot in common with the gang and so the times I do find something of interest makes it worth my time to visit and participate. My own website The Golden Age Of Hollywood has been doing very well lately and we now have over 225 members and that takes up a lot of time too. Anyway, thanks for a great place to hang! I hope I can last another year and a half! LOL

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Here, here Kevin. Your site is pretty damn cool as well. Will sign up to that, i remember looking at it a while ago. Support each other friends. ;D

Tan-Ru (banned)

Hey everyone,

It's Rob from Orlando. It's been tough to see the acquaintances I made here refer to me with words like insecure, petty, disappointing, and over the top but it appears I had it coming. I was also concerned about the member you spoke of concerning his pictures and him needing to come clean.

I don't clam to know that member but in my opinion we may seem to suffer from the same failing.

We made what we thought folks on the forum thought of us more important than the belief and esteem we have in ourselves and thus our behavior. Did that make any sense? :wacko One of us wanted too much credit for what we created the other wanting credit under possibly false pretences. Both more about us than any of you.

I can only speak for myself in that I am totally responsible for the way I reacted. Being from NYC I shoot form the hip and think later. Though after ten years down here in Florida my wife has acknowledged I've mellowed somewhat I obviously have some way to go. I don't wish to spend any more time trying to be right about anything in that matter and I have to be responsible for whatever damage I've done to the relationships here and did not think they could be repaired easily or at all which made me decide to delete the Metron07 persona. That is simply not me anymore

I very much appreciate your invitation to return but I just think it best to reduce my interaction to little more than observer / listener and leave it at that for a while. I continue to very much enjoy the podcasts and this past weekend's show was no exception. It reminded me of one of the first times I listened to the TREKSF show and what drew me to it which is Rico's love for TOS above all. I could hear it while I sat in jury duty this week. It made me remember being there in front of my black and white TV back in the 1960's. I never could have imaged what being a fan of what my dad refereed to as "that spaceship show" would come to. Even he warmed up to the show by the second season. He loved the transporter. He would aways say "Wow!, so that's how they travel", he got it!, I miss him a great deal.

Finally I wanted to tell anyone interested about an on-line community of talented musicians I have come upon at a site called KoBlo.com. They have partnered with Yahoo's hosting resources to create a place where musicians can create their own virtual Labels, Bands, Albums, and content as well as creating their own free application that allows members to collaborate on-line though their app sending each other tracks and mixes. It is still in beta, but I think they're onto something.

There I have created my first on-line Album there called Synthesaurus where I have repackaged the music I created inspired by the Readyroom RPG season 8. I give them credit in the album notes. All the music is available via Creative Commons license and is free to download and share through that agreement. Presently most of the music from it is being featured on the front page of the site as well. It seems some folks there really like it too. http://koblo.com/music

Well that's it from me for a while, I'm hoping you can understand why I changed my ID as I now identify with that character and think it appropriate. I don't expect some of you to welcome me back and will understand and respect that.




I for one would be more then happy to have you back Rob. Whenever you feel the time is right.


I hold no ill will toward you Rob! As far as I'm concerned you're welcome back any time you feel ready.

"Oh...Well, Who am I to argue with me?" Dr. Bashir - Visionary - Deep Space Nine


Rob's back! The fastest retraction of a self banishment ever!!!  :roflmao Glad to see you had a change of heart.  :metallica:


Word Bryan. 

Glad to see you back man.  I don't hold it against you.  Hell, I've said/done things here without thinking and paid for it.  So I'm willing to forgive and forget. 

Again, glad to see you back.  :)

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