Started by Geekyfanboy, November 07, 2008, 07:44:49 AM

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Happy birthday, Rico!  Hope you have a great time celebrating and eat some well-deserved cake.

:happybday :happybday :cheers :cheers :happybday :happybday


Rico, how about this, a virtual birthday party!  It's your birthday and you certainly deserve a weekend off after 3 years of podcasting, except of course we'd miss our weekly fix and "go hulk on you."  Hope you are going to have a fun relaxing weekend, and enjoyed the other messages.  Your fans!



I know that sometimes this site probably feels like a burden and you may wonder why you continue but your perseverance is to be commended. I was really thankful the day I came upon your podcast and found this little corner of Trekverse on the Internet. I thank you and all the members for making me feel at home even when we have divergent views. You're a great guy and I'm happy to be a member here!


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Thanks once again for all the warm wishes everyone!  I have to admit, hearing from all of you on my birthday and sharing it with you makes the day extra special.  I don't have any big plans really.  Lynn and I will probably go out to dinner later on this evening.  It's actually her birthday very soon too (next Wednesday), so we always sort of celebrate together.  Thanks again everyone for your thoughtfulness and help making this a great forum!

I made a little birthday wish for myself below...

Dan M


Here's Feather's Birthday wish to Rico... audio is slightly off but you get the idea.



Hi Rico.
Happy birthday to you my Geeky friend. Just a short very amateur clip to say thank you. Big Love to you, I shall have a pint for you tonight.  :cheers
P.S. Meds, you are a bloody genius mate.....if a clumsy one.  :metallica:

You could learn something from Mr Spock Doctor..... Stop thinking with your glands"


Now thats weird. I just tryed watching my own video and it came back say it wasn't available anymore. I don't know why.
You could learn something from Mr Spock Doctor..... Stop thinking with your glands"


Yeah I'm having the same issue with Feathers that I just posted and yours.. I think it's a youtube/treksf issue.

EDIT... Feathers is working... I just think Youtube is a bit slow.. give it a few and see what happens.


 :happybday Happy Birthday Rico!  Enjoy your day! :happybday


Thanks for putting that up Kenny.

The quality is somewhat horrible, I know, but all I have access to is the integrated webcam and software suite that Dell supply.

Happy birthday again Rico!

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


Great job on the videos Tim & Mike! Thanks a lot guys!


Great video's lads, good to see more Brit action ha ha. thanks for the compliment Tim, love your t-shirt by the way.

NC Dave

Little late but Happy Birthday!


Thanks - and welcome to the forums!