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Hello my friend I know your birthday is tomorrow (Saturday) but thought we would start the BIRTHDAY wishes a little early.  :happybday

I can't tell you how thankful I am that you came up with this little idea of a podcast about sci fi and fantasy. And then you created this community of geeks that has just grown and has become a family.  :happybday

Your podcast and forum has been such a intricate part of my life the past few years, I can't imagine a day without it. :happybday

So Thank you for all you have done and I hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday.  :happybday


And here is Meds Video wishing you a Happy Birthday.  :happybday



Thanks for putting mine up Kenny. :metallica:

:happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday


To our King, Have a fabulous Birthday mate, enjoy your Empire, its a birthday gift (along with the video)

Have a great day.

Your ever faithfull buddy.


ps yes i did actually damage my back in the fall 'ouch'


Happy Birthday Rico! I'm sorry I couldn't make a video for you... :(

About three years ago I stumbled upon your very new podcast (at the time) and look where it got me! :D  You encouraged me to join your forum way back then and after I did,  I got to know you and the rest of these fine people. Your forum fanned the flames of geekdom for me...I started writing in a RPG, something I had never done before, then you made me a co-moderator of that RPG and later the boards. You inspired and aided me in making my own podcast and then you generously shared your feed with Kenny and I so we could record a show about the RPG.

I count you as a friend and I am very happy I tripped over your podcast! If I hadn't I would never have met you or any of the friends I've made on the forum. Thank you Rico. I hope you have a great birthday!  :cheering

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Happy Birthday Man! Thanks for this wonderful forum and Podcast.


Big happy birthday to our fearless leader! Thanks for creating this great community that encourages friendship and understanding.

Hopefully I can catch you on Earthen Ring over the weekend to wish you happy birthday in the land of Azeroth.


Happy Birthday Rico!!  It's these days that ensure that someone remains older than me.   :)

Gosh, I wish I had slapped that Klingon head back on and done another video for ya!  But I'm too late.  So you'll just have to imagine me saying (in that same Klingon voice from before):

"Good thing you're not a Klingon, because as you may well know, the only old Klingon's a dead Klingon.  May your Birthday be filled with honor!"


Well, the technology has defeated me!

I had a small video from the PC webcam but it's seemingly too hard to get it into YouTube.

Happy Birthday Rico - I hope you have a good weekend!

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


Happy Birthday, Rico!  

You are truly to be commended for what you've put together here.  In all my years of internet browsing, I have never come upon a site that has such a strong sense of community.  Even though most members are separated by many miles, checking in here feels a lot like dropping in and visiting with a bunch of good friends.  I know I've said it many times, but thanks for both the outstanding podcast and forum.



Thanks so much everyone - great videos too!  Busy morning and I'll post more later but I'm very happy to have all of you as friends and like you said Kenny, can't imagine a day without checking in with all of you here. 



I am blessed because of your vision for Trek and Geeks everywhere.  I love hanging out on the forum, listening to Treks in Sci Fi, and the fun it brings to my family.  I've made such great friends here, and always been impressed with the way everyone gets along.  THANK YOU! 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though this song doesn't rhyme, it does have me wearing a darth vader helmet and playing a guitar... happy Birthday my friend.

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Happy Birthday Rico! 

I remember when I stumbled onto this podcast.  When I got my first IPod (which I still own and use) I found out about the world of Podcasts and Treks-in-scifi popped out at me.  Ever since then I have never stopped listening to this podcast.  Time and time again I have been very happy listening for my "fix of Scifi".  The quality of the podcast constantly keeps improving and the forums are the best on the internet.  I have made my share of friends here as well.  Your podcast I will never hit the unsubscribe button.  It has not only opened my mind to new possibilities but also to new podcasts, (The Geeky Girl Duo of Anomaly?  ;) ) new TV shows and more. 

So all I have to say is:

:happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday

Never stop podcasting and we'll never stop listening Rico. 


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Happy Birthday Rico,
You make a wonderful podcast,
and I hope you have a wonderful birthday as well.
Thanks for everything you've done,
and a
Very :happybday Rico!



First of all, great video's all! Kenny, great and from the heart, Rick, AWESOME song as usual, Meds....when you wiped out and died laughing! I hope your OK but that was classic!

Now, to Rico. I am so sorry I didn't get to record my video before I left for Florida, any chance to get in front of a camera and I'm there! You and I go far back in a virtual sense, in fact you and I have probably known each other the longest, from the RPF to Treks in SciFi. You are a very special kind of person, your one of those rare people who give a lot of themselves for others and that shows in both your podcast and the virtual community and family you have nurtured here. Indeed, it's a testament to your character that this forum you created is populated by such like minded, similar quality people. Your a positive force in this universe and I consider it pleasure and a privilege to have you as a friend.

..I also am taking great pleasure in knowing that all of this praise being heaped upon you makes you all sorts of uncomfortable! ;) Happy Birthday.  :cheers

Yeoman Mara

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICO!  I know I don't get on the forum as often as I'd like but I just wanted you to know that I listen to the podcast every week and still just love it.  Somehow it gets better all the time!  I hope you have a special and great day.  Now, here's a silly picture of me.  Suppose to be me hearing about that it's Rico's birthday.    :blush

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Happy Birthday Rico, I hope you have an awesome day and weekend. Thanks for all the work you put into the podcast and website, you do a great job with both. Happy birthday again, and enjoy your day.