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Who all misses seaquest?

Started by alanp, August 06, 2008, 12:45:48 PM

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I started watching the first season on netflix and have been enjoying that show.  Not sure why I missed it the first time around.

Any thoughts?


Ah Seaquest. Good old Roy Scheider as Captain Nathan Bridger. You know i watched series 1 but didn't watch anymore.I gather it got cancelled during or at the end of series 3.


I miss it some, and I just miss in general Sci-Fi based ocean related TV.  "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "Man from Atlantis", "Seaquest", even the recent "Surface."  I've always loved Sci-Fi shows involving the mysteries of the oceans.


Season 1 is really good.  Season 2 was mediocre and from what I've heard, Season 3 was terrible.  I wish I could see more of Seaquest season 1.  

It was really great.  

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I've always liked Roy Scheider's acting in Jaws, 2010, Marathon Man, The French Connection.

I ordered the first season, not to sure about the rest after I read the series did "a triple back-flip over the shark" in the second season :(

The first Season got great reviews.


About as much as Rico liked "The Mist"


First season was cool but after that it was not so good.
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I really enjoyed the series.  I miss it.  I had them all taped on VHS, then got one season on DVD.  I need to get the entire series.  Season one rocked, season two started slipping, and season three... well, it didn't have the budget or acting.  But hey, I loved the underwater adventures!  I'm with you Rico, there should be some Ocean Sci Fi going on!

My favorite was Darwin the Dolphin.  I had mentioned this before on the forums but for many years I thought he was a trained animal, I was so surprised to find he was a robot.  Made by the same folks that did the whales in Star Trek Four.  Pretty cool.

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I miss Seaquest as well. It was a shame they kept changing it around season to season.


I found the webpage of the folks who made Darwin come to life.

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Darth Gaos

Yeah I seem to recall things that same way.  Great 1st season, then you start adding Delouise kids and they crashed after that....see also 21 Jump Street. ;D
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I liked SeaQuest.  The first season was great!  Season two was so-so.  When it changed to SeaQuest 2030(?), the show jumped the shark.  I may pick up the first season on DVD someday.