There and back again!

Started by Chief, July 21, 2008, 07:02:57 PM

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Hello all! Man it feels so good to be back after so long.

For the ones that remember me, I am Morelos from Mexico City. I think I may be one of the oldest fans of the podcast. I was an avid forumite and blogger but I had to put my online life in stasis for a couple of years due to a lot of stuff going one at the same time.

Won't bore you with details but suffice it to say, I lost my way but like Jen said, I am back home.

I am a Star Trek junkie, but by no means an expert. I love Star Wars and in that I am an expert. :vulcan

As of late and thanks to Kenny, I became a total addict to Doctor Who.  :dalek

As you can see in my icon, I am also hooked in Battlestar Galactica.  :cylon

I love sci fi, comics, movies, books, writing, internet, martial arts, cooking, photography and a lot of stuff.

So there. I am back on track. Hope to have great conversations with you all!

"The Needs Of The Many, Out Weigh The Needs Of The Few, Or The One..."
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Again, welcome home Morelos. Que Tal usted?
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Welcome back my friend!  Great to see you!


I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Woah, hey man!  Good to see your back!

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I don't know you at all but i kind of feel like i do as i remember you from all the early podcasts (i downloaded them all back in January) and i used to look forward to hearing you comments. Welcome back Morelos, i too am a huge Dr Who fan infact i've just started a new thread called Doctor Who The Early Years if you are intrested take a look and leave some posts.


So glad to see you back on the boards.. I know we chat in IM but it's cool to see you back.. and yes you, like me are one of the original members of the forums. We're the old timers :)


Thanks guys. Indeed I feel like home.

"The Needs Of The Many, Out Weigh The Needs Of The Few, Or The One..."
Mr. Spock


I think I joined about four months after you guys. I had never looked in my profile, until now, to see when it was I joined. Doesn't seem like that long ago. Time flies when you're having fun. :)
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Welcome back, Morelos!  It's good to see you return to the fold!