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Started by PepperDude, June 24, 2008, 01:07:48 AM

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Hi Everyone.

I've been gone for a while. Ya'll are nice, cool, and kinda' geeky (of course). I've been good.  School got a little hectic and I'm in summer school right now. Then there's work and staying in shape. So I've been busy for the most part. Notice how I wrote for the most part. That's because I met a bunch of fellow geeky guys at my local tabletop games store and they got me into Heroclix (a collectible miniatures, turn-based strategy game featuring Marvel and DC superheroes and supervillains). That cool game has been taking up a lot of my  spare time. Oh and I've also been catching up with a very good friend whom I hadn't had contact with for 7 years. In fact, she gave me some really neat Star Trek gifts on my b-day. I'll post pictures of them in a few days.

I wish I were a better multi-tasker like some of you are. I can't seem to do everything I want at the same time. For example, some months ago I had time to visit these forums and see what everyone was up to but then my friend and then Heroclix opponents came along and my attention shifted almost exclusively on them. This shift-and-forget is a bad. . .quality of mine that I tend to do. I stopped visiting the forums (and daily reading of sci-fi stories and novels as well) yet I still could have made some time to say hi to ya'll cool peeps. I need to learn how to manage my time better. Then I won't stop doing what I already like to do when something or someone new comes along.I wonder how some of you do it. Most of you have more than one of the following going on: demanding job, a spouse, kids(!), athletic activities, school, volunteer work, hobbies, Treks-in-SciFi, among other things. I admire how some of you can juggle all of these.

Some cool sci-fi things that I'm excited about are Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the ongoing saga of the death of Captain America (I can't believe he's dead).

Anyway, I'm glad to be visiting again. I hope everyone is doing great.


What's up, PepperDude! 

I hear you on the time-management thing; sometimes it gets kind of hard to squeeze everything you want to do into a day.  As lame as it may sound, I use a planner to schedule just about everything (including playing on the internet).  It helps me to get a firm grasp on how much time I have available each day, and helps me decide how best to spend it.


Nice to see you once more Pepper!  I know all about juggling.  Life is all about juggling these days.  Just drop in when you can.  We will be here.  :)

P.S.  I'm sure Cap is not dead.


Hiya PepperDude good to hear off you. It can get difficult and i'm with Wraith with the planner, trouble for me is because i live across the pond i have to try and time it correctly so get to say hi to everyone. Damn time zones. I think you can safely say that this forum is a pretty damn good laid back relaxed place, and you'll always be welcomed back anytime so don't fret. (i hope so i'm buggering off for 3 weeks so i hope i get missed a bit ha ha) Glad you are good. PS Cap will be back, its a comic and in comic land anything can happen..


Hey Pepperdude,

Good hearing from you.  Good luck with juggling life.  I'm still working on that. ;)  Its definately a toughy, but somehow everyone manages in their own way. 

Yes Hawkeye, we'll accept you.  (Maybe unhappily, but we'll take you back. )  lol jk ;)

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Great to hear from you Pepper!

I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Quote from: HawkeyeMeds on June 24, 2008, 11:42:16 AM
Cheeky King ;)

Heh heh of course!  Its how I get through the day. :)

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Hi again. I don't have a handle on time management either. But as long as you keep your main priorities at the top of the list, you should be fine. So glad to see you back on the boards, we've missed you. :)
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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I think I should start using a planner--I used to use one years ago and it certainly did help.

I know what ya'll mean about Cap. The only characters that ever remained dead in the Marvel universe were Bucky and Uncle Ben. Now, Bucky is back, decades after his "death." I'll be glad when Cap is brought back. One Marvel character that shouldn't be brought back is Gwen Stacy (Peter Parker's first true love).


Definatley, she was a great character. Though mayeb bring her back so ahe is in a more darker mould.


Good to see you drop by Pepper. I know at times it is tough to juggle everthing. I know lately for me, I have not be able to do all that I have wanted during the day. I am sure you will get your schedule sorted out over time.