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Started by Archangela, March 22, 2006, 06:12:14 PM

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Rico calm down, dude you're a control freak. Who the hell cares if Picard uses u instead of you, and youre scaring the shit out of me with the Buffy the Vampire stuff. First you kick Javert then the other guy, both great guys. You remind me too much of my mom, i'm leaving.


I was making a point Omega.  If someone decides to correct someone else on spelling (in this example) perhaps they should fix their own postings first.  I'm sorry that this seems to bother you, especially since it didn't involve you.  As you are leaving I will just wish you well.

Sorry to disrupt your welcome posting Angela with this.



I personally thought your post was fairly benign Rico. And I think it was classy of you to wish him well.  Sorry that your friend left Picard. I hope you stick around.
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oh i intend to, i already called him and told him he should delete the post, but he was just being weird. well, i guess that's his choice. I'll stop recommending the forum to people, i recommended it to cap winters and he hasn't posted anything. and omega.....
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As they say, water under the bridge now.  Let's move along....

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Glad to see another girl geek here!  Welcome Angela.  Sorry Omega seemed to spoil things a bit for your welcome thread.  It seems Rico handled things very professionally.  Again, glad to see another girl here!  :)
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Heya Angela, welcome.  Do you like my man Bruce Campbell??
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Hmm, sory this is a little late, but uh, welcome.
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Quote from: Fanboy on March 23, 2006, 04:08:31 PM
Heya Angela, welcome. Do you like my man Bruce Campbell??

As random as that is... I do like Bruce, but not the biggest fan. I have been emersed in him though. My husband is a huge fan!!! I have even watched all of Bubba Ho-tep, oh yes Bubba Ho-tep. And I do always love him turning up in Sam Raimi movie.

Have you heard of the book, "If Chins Could Kill"?
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who is Bruce Campbell? (i hope i didn't offend anyone by asking that)
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Move along citizens. Anyways Welcome aboard and dont mind rico. hehe
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Bruce Campbelll is the actor in Fanboy's avatar.  He is an actor and was in "Army of Darkness", "Bubba Ho Tep" and many other cool movies.


ah, i see. ive never watched Army of Darkness but have seen it on the shelf at blockbuster. is he good?
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Is Bruce good?!  Oh yeah baby!  Angela, I have the book "If Chins Could Kill."  Great read!  :)
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well, i was hoping to get someone elses opinion. i'm sure that you liked it.....
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