Next Book - The Good That Men Do

Started by Duffster, February 25, 2008, 04:44:38 AM

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The votes are in, and the winner is The Good That Men Do.... Let's target next week as the start week.

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I am totally in on this one! Ordering it today.


Placed an Amazon link on the forum.  If you buy it that way I get a few cents for each purchase.  ;)

Darth Gaos

Whoa....wierd.  I  actually got this book a week and a half ago.  I am not too far into it yet but what I have read is good so far.  I look forward to the discussion.
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I'm just barely into this book, but I'm enjoying it already!  Sorta feels like the beginning of a new season of Enterprise.  The book picks up nicely on plot points brought up in the last season, and the "guest stars" at the beginning of the story were a nice surprise. 

So; what is the discussion schedule for the book going to look like?


I haven't received my copy yet, but whats a good division of chapters to divide it into three weeks?
Duffster is, The HugoNaut


The book is about 445 pages.  So I would suggest about 150 pages a week as follows:

March 4 - 10:  Prologue - Chap. 15
March 11 - 17:  Chap. 16 - Chap. 36
March 18 - 24:  Chap. 37 - the end