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What else would have worked for a Star Trek movie?

Started by Ktrek, February 19, 2008, 09:48:18 PM

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I was thinking today what else could have worked as a premise for the new Star Trek movie? Was doing an "original series" remake the only viable concept? Is that the only one that could work? Would it have worked to recast the TNG crew? or DS9? or VOY? Could a Star Trek movie with an entirely unknown crew have worked? If so would it have to be in the future past VOY or would any period have worked?

When I heard rumors of a new Star Trek movie coming out I was hoping that Paramount would take a bold approach and cast a whole new Star Trek movie franchise with no known characters. I still wish they had done that but Star Trek New Voyages opened up my mind to the possibility of a recast and that the original series characters can live regardless of whether the original series cast play the roles or not. I really would have liked to see something about a hundred years or two hundred years past TNG time period. I suppose that we will now never see anything else Trek besides the original series characters now. I even think it's unlikely Paramount/CBS will pursue a new TV series unless the movie is extremely successful and there appears to be a demand but it's probably more likely that Star Trek will remain in theatrical films from this point on.

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I think even 10 years past Voyager would have been cool. Maybe use some known characters from the different shows put together with some new ones on an entirely new ship with a cool mission.  I like when they mix the familiar with new stuff.  It gives us an anchor to the past yet helps us dream of a new future. 

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

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I think you have to be careful with predictions like Trek will remain in theatrical films from this point on.  Trek has been dead a few times now.  It's been solely TV.  It's been solely films.  I think you're right that we won't see a new series for a while, but 10 years from now is a different thing.

I, too, would have been excited for a movie with an unknown crew.  I wouldn't even care which generation it was set in, but I see the marketing problems there.  Without the hook of known characters or situations, how would a big-screen adventure be considered more than just another Voyager or DS9 pilot?  Hard-core fans would show up, but a mainstream audience wouldn't, I think.

Recasting TNG wouldn't work.  The actors are still viable, and they're alive, which is key.  No one would believe Shatner as Kirk, fighting bad guys and saving the galaxy, at this point.  But Stewart and Frakes could still pull it off, so it's different.  Plus, classic Trek without McCoy and Scotty isn't classic Trek, to me.

If there was a name actor who could be cast as captain, I think that might've worked.  Cast Tom Hanks (to just pull a name out of the air) as captain in the post-Voyager Starfleet with a couple known supporting characters (Harry Kim, Ezri, Bashir, etc.), and there would've been a chance at success.


For me, the dream trek movie would bring together different characters from past series to tackle some new, ominous threat.  Perhaps the film could pick up on the parasites introduced in the TNG episode "Conspiracy".  Ideas from the latest DS9 books could be included, such as

-a possible relationship/rivalry between the parasites and the Trill symbionts

-a possible return of Ben Sisko to Linear Time

-Perhaps deal with Bajor's entry to the UFP

I'd be perfectly happy to see the story focus on new or secondary characters, with possible cameos from some of the big-name stars. 

Oh; and I want to see the Defiant.  Lots and lots of the Defiant. ;D