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Warning about SPOILERS....

Started by Rico, November 17, 2005, 07:44:40 AM

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Please if you discuss or review a movie especially, please put in the title of the topic "SPOILERS" if you plan on revealing details of the film.  Sometimes movies have big things that happen in them that can be spoiled if revealed to those that haven't seen them yet.  If you just want to give a general review and kind of a thumbs up or thumbs down, no need for a warning.  Thanks gang!


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Love Star Trek TOS & TNG (never really got into DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise).  Also love Star Wars (everything save for the prequels...), and Indiana Jones, and ElfQuest, basically anything remotely SF or fantasy is my bag, tho I tend more towards SF than I do fantasy.


Just a reminder as we head into the 2007 summer movie season.  Please clearly mark any threads you start with a spoiler tag if you are reviewing or discussing any new movies out.  This is especially important in the few days after a movie opens.  Thanks for your help on this!


General reminder about spoilers....

This applies to not just movies and TV but books, comics, etc.  Please make sure any thread you might post in or start is marked containing spoilers if needed.  We are getting into a time where new movies are coming out again, TV shows are having some big events happen and so forth.  I know I've even stopped looking at certain subjects on various forums due to spoilers.  So as long as they are clearly marked, feel free to post.  Thanks for your help on this.


Sorry about that eariler.  I put a warning on the new post.