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Off to Sunny Greece

Started by KAMIN, September 13, 2007, 12:51:29 AM

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My wife and i are off to Greece on Sunday for two weeks, as one of the newer members to the forum i am still finding my way around and getting to know how things work. When we are away on our holidays i always fill up several gig's worth of camera cards (a real passion of mine) i would like to know if it's alright to maybe share a few with you folks when i get back. when we traveled to America(California) last November i took 1802 here is one of the wife and i in Frys in Burbank just before we went to the Stargate convention .............see you all in a couple of weeks... :flying



I'm very envious.  Greece is one of the top places I want to see that I haven't been to yet.  I really feel in love with the country learning about the ancient Greeks in college.  Definitely love to see some pictures from your trip up on the forums.  Feel free to post away!


Yes, it would be great to see some pictures and hear about your vacation.  I hope to be going with our choir for a competition next summer.   Our travel coordinator is always looking for ideas to "lessen the blow"


Have a great time... and yes... WE LOVE PHOTOS!!!!


I would love to see photos of the trip or anything else you can share from your world.  Very cool!

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Yes, please share your pictures. I've always wanted to go there. :)
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