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A bunch of Han Solo bounty questions.

Started by Tatooine_Todd, August 29, 2007, 03:12:55 PM

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Why does Vader talk to the bounty hunters aboard "The Executor"?  He's not paying the bounty on Solo. 

Also, why didn't Han just jet over to Tatooine right after the awards ceremony on Yavin, pay Jabba the money he was loading on the Falcon and be done with it?  It seems no one is concerned about the bounty.  Even Leia gets snotty at him on Hoth for wanting to get the price off his head.  The rebel general on Hoth is the only one who gets it.

I understand why Jabba is ticked, Han had a ton of chances to pay as agreed (see the awful Special Edition Jabba scene at Mos Eisley), but kept getting sidetracked.  He could even have sent some Rebel representative in his place to pay Jabba, if he was too busy.
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I think for the meeting with the Bounty Hunters on the Executioner, Vader was more interested in finding Luke and at the Time He thought Luke was with the Falcon. The Bounty Hunters in a sense would be getting Double the payout, as they would get the bounty for finding the Falcon(and supposedly Luke), and then they could turn Han in to Jabba as Vader was not interested in him. Boba Fett did say he that he did not want Han Killed as he was worth more Alive then Dead.

As for your question about why Han did not pay Jabba after the events of A New Hope. Maybe he was busy ;). Maybe since he was associated with the Rebellion, it was more Dangerous for him to travel out as the Empire would be looking for him as well, and Jabba would know that and turn him in to the Empire after he got his payment. It really is a good question, but I guess for sake of the story, they needed Han to still be wanted by Jabba for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to work


Han kinda got stuck helping evacuate the rebel base on Yavin and ended up stuck on Hoth making runs escorting convoys, damaging the falcon in the process. He and Chewie got delayed leaving because the Falcon kept getting pushed to the bottom of the priority list for parts. Also I have the feeling that Han ended up giving back the reward. It wasn't money because the Rebellion had none. The reward consisted of metals which the rebels needed for starship repair.

Also a small point but it is the "Executor" not the "Executioner".


Quote from: billybob476 on August 29, 2007, 05:47:44 PM
Also a small point but it it the "Executor" not the "Executioner".

Man, I even knew that! :blush
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"Why does Vader talk to the bounty hunters aboard "The Executor"?  He's not paying the bounty on Solo."

Maybe, even at this point in the film, he senses that Luke's weakness is his friends...getting Han means getting Luke, which is Vader's obsession. Darth may not be paying the bounty but he's the Emperor's right hand man, and the Emperor delegates the dirty work.  Despite all of that, Han probably ticked Vader off when he shot him off Luke's tail at the Battle of Yavvinâ€"so the Dark Lord had a special interest in seeing him captured.  :)

I think Han stayed behind because he's a procrastinator. Maybe he was treating the situation with Jabba as some would treat paying taxes to Uncle Sam....they wait until the last minute, and sometimes beyond, before they start making payments.  I think its also possible that his interests shifted a bit after Yavvin. He started seeing the Rebellion, and the people in the Rebellion, as something worth fighting for. Leia was also a distractionâ€"it's possible that he didn't want to risk loosing, what he could see was a growing affection.

I guess everyone else (Luke and Leia)  thought that the Empire was the greater risk, when compared to Jabba. The probably had a "cross that bridge when we get there" mentality.
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Opps, that Executor got past me as well, and I should have known it as well  :-[


Rather than start a new thread destined to live for maybe 2 or three posts, I decided to tack this video here.  I think it kind of fits...