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Would you go through with a Betazed wedding?

Started by space_invader64, June 21, 2007, 07:31:16 PM

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Quote from: space_invader64 on July 07, 2007, 07:30:39 PM
Imagian you lived in a country, or on a planet where it was the norm. If you went to a wedding you would see the bride in groom wearing nothing.
I'm don't live in another country nor on another planet. :P

QuoteI think if it was expected, people would be fine with it.  Sometimes I feel like our phobia of nudity is unhealthy.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a nudist, but I think that it's not healthy to be unconfortable with our  boddies.
Fear has nothing to do with it. :blink

QuoteWe go to the beach, wearing very little.
I don't.  When I go to the beach, I wear swim trucks.

QuoteThe swimwear that girls wear are nonprotective from the sun, do not conceal the body (very well), And they don't protect someone from the elements.
I've nothing against a woman wearing a bikini (spelling?) at the beach so long as it appropriately covers her breasts and pelvic region.  Unfortunately, bikini's these days are too revealing, so I don't go to the beach anymore.  (I also can't swim, which kind'a defeats the purpose.  If I could swim, I might still go...)

QuoteIn many places in Europe, it's the norm not to wear anything while swimming.  How would you react on a swimming trip in another country where everyone else stips down all the way?
I wouldn't be there to begin with.

QuoteI think how women dress has more of an effect on a male than a woman wearing nothing.  In advertising classes, we learned that the almost nude body is more enticing than a compleatly undraped body.
Of coarse!  Ever hear the phrase, "Wanting is more pleasing than having?"  That's all there is too it.  Besides, you cannot deny that the site of the opposite sex's sexual organs will lead to either lustful feelings or the desire to procreate in most people.  I'm not saying they'll go at it, I'm saying they'll be thinking about it.  This is why I am against public nudity.  If a woman stripped down in front of me, I wouldn't have such thoughts, but I would be offended, because I do not want to see a woman in the nude unless she is my wife.  Now, you don't have to agree with me, but I ask that you respect my views on nudity and sexuality.


...we were all born naked and I think everyone here respects each other's views. I've read nothing here that indicates otherwise. All of us, including yourself, are just discussing opinions. I think the question was "would you go through with the wedding if you had to be nude?"

Now can anyone answer this...

Are Betazoid Weddings public? I'm assuming these fictional weddings are by invitation only (to family and friends). Public nudity would therefore not be a factor if... I am correct.

If you were an invited guest and you chose not to go or showed up clothed, I'm sure the naked Betazoids in question would be fine with that.  :)

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Well i know (someone) said they would if it were Tribal, I agree if its cultural then i would but if they just wanted to then i will be a mile away!!!!! So yeah...IF it is for cultural reasons i would attend
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For sure, nudity in and off itself is not sexual. Indeed, a look around the world and at man's past shows no corelation between nakedness and sexual instinct. They have, or I should had, no relationship. Now modern society uses nudity as a hint or prelude to sex in pop culture, going way back to when the wearing of clothes became the norm and societies became more organized. Even today, there are varying degrees of this from the more exterme case of Muslim women and their covering to a more relaxed Euaropean and South American approach.
CJLP, I would suggest you either don't travel the world or begin to allow for a more broad view on the subject. You are far to young! ;)


If it's the norm on a planet or nation then there would be no issue.  You'd be taught from birth that it was ok, and you'd probably think people what wore penguin suits and huge white dresses were nuts.

If I was visiting, or was a friend of someone who was getting married this way and needed to decide if I wanted to I probably would do it.   But, my only concern would be certain physical changes that may occur from seeing a lot of naked women.   I won't embelish, and if that statement goes to far, feel free to do what neccesary to edit it.

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