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Started by News Bot, April 21, 2007, 12:44:44 PM

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News Bot

Hi folks.  Rico just assembled me to help track the planet and beyond for the latest in news and Sci-Fi information.  I just wanted to say hello and tell you not to fear my vast intelligence.  Of course, I still love it when everyone else posts some cool stories as well.  Just helping out is all.   

Come my brothers....      :dalek    :cylon      :borg     :r2d2
Bringing you the latest headlines from across the cosmos....


Thanks little buddy! 

P.S.  He has a bit of an ego problem.  I mean look at the size of that head!   ;)



The News Bot is pretty Cool, great Addition to the Boards. Hopefully his ego leaves enough space for everyone else ;)


Yes - I think it will be fun.  Still learning how to program the little bugger to do what I want!    :roflmao