What Does Star Wars Mean To You?

Started by Geekyfanboy, April 18, 2007, 06:20:06 PM

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After the recent podcast on Star Wars Ep 1 it made me think of how important Star Wars has been in my life. I have been there since the very beginning 30 years ago and what a ride it has been.

So my question is What does Star Wars Mean to you?

Is it the story, the special effects, the characters, the impact it had on your life?

There is no right or wrong answer, just wondering what people think of when they think of Star Wars.


I am like you Kenny, as I have been there from the Start, and I honestly have to say, the first real vivid memory I really have is of seeing Star Wars for the first time. I have vague memories of other things from before then, but Star Wars was the first real strong memory I have. I remember as a kid, all the excitement around the movies, and the visuals in the movie were so powerful to me. I remember as well growing up, renacting the movie with friends, it was prominent part of my growing up, and a lot of other kids around my age and around where I lived.


Star Wars is what introduced me to Sci Fi and was responsable for my love of Sci fi. I have said that The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of all Star Wars movies but the original Star Wars (I refuse to call it A New Hope) has a special place in my heart. It's the original, first of it's kind. My geekhood started as soon as those lights went down and those ships entered from top of the screen firing at each other.


"Star Wars" raised the bar for Sci-Fi movie visuals. As a result, we have Industrial Light & Magic, which is responsible for SFX in countless productions, as well as for the creation of Pixar. Were it not for Pixar, Disney would not have gained John Lasseter. If not for John Lasseter, Disney Animation would most likely be down the toilet.

"Star Wars" helped to breathe new life into the Sci-Fi genre. I was pretty much an adult when the first movie hit in 1977, so the impact on my psyche was not the same as for younger folk. What captured my imagination was the art direction and industrial design. The decision to go with a mostly grungy look was brilliant. My favorite "Star Wars" movie is "The Empire Strikes Back". There's a story and the characters are given more dimension. To me, it's still the most sophisticated of the movies (if only Lawrence Kasdan had written the newest crop of "Star Wars" movies!). I truly appreciate the success of "Star Wars" because it lit a fire under Paramount to release a "Star Trek" movie, which eventually gave us a few decent "Trek" outings.

"Star Wars" gave us Harrison Ford, who, among other things, brought Indiana Jones to life. We also got Mark Hamill, who eventually voiced the Joker in various WB animated series. "Star Wars" revitalized an industry and gave us a new American mythology. To say nothing of spawning a collectibles industry.


I am much more of a star trek fan, but if I didn't recognize Star Wars for what it is I wouldn't be a very goodsci-fi, or movie fan.  It really changed everything.

It really was the first blockbuster movie to come out, the first movie with speical effects like that, the first movie to have a huge marketing campaign go with it.  And the score, my goodness.  Even as a minor fan, i can't help but feel the presence of evil when I hear The Imperial March.   

As a kid, I always saw Star Trek as what we wanted to become in the future, but Star Wars was what we would become.  However, even though it's about war, and violence they still know that peace, and diplomacy can work.  The entire idea of the Jedi Order is peace, and the connection of all things.

I saw all three prequels, and all three special editions in the thearter on the 1st night they opened.  And I have to say, I've never had a more delightful, and exciting thearter experience.
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