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Star Trek: Of Gods And Men - tiny spoilers

Started by the_wasd_man, April 14, 2007, 12:30:30 PM

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I watched the whole thing yesterday.   It was OK.

I confess the Kirk glorification in Star Trek kind of annoys me so the universe changing because Kirk wasn't there rubbed me the wrong way.

The funniest thing was Captain Uhura refusing to take her seat at communications knowing that Nichelle Nichols almost quit Star Trek because the role was so limiting and MLK talked her out of it.

It was nice to see Uhura and Chekov back in the saddle again.

Of course seeing "that planet" destroyed was a hoot.

The computer graphics were somewhat cheezy so I just rate it as OK.

The glowing eyes were better in the original show than they were in this thing.

Andre Norton does it better than J.K.Rowling


Overall, it is a tad weak, but I've lessened my harsh opinion about it.  Its a decent flick, but I will admit, that the next time someone says "Kirk to save the universe" like that again I'll knock their heads off. ;)  Its old and overused.  BUT, start saying some Picard stuff and I won't.  :) :) :)

heh heh

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It was an okay movie, it wasn't no Wrath of Khan.  It was good to so many Trek actors take part in this movie.  It would have been really nice if they gotten Robert Walker to reprise his role of Charles Evans.  But, you can't have everything.