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Star Trek DVD Commentaries

Started by SebastianProoth, March 30, 2007, 01:37:41 AM

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Hey Everybody:

I just wanted to make people aware of the Star Trek TNG movie Commentaries I have done that can be downloaded and played along with your movie. I recorded one for Star Trek Insurrection, not only because it doesn't have one from Frakes on the DVD but it has a lot of content that can be talked about. I did one for Star Trek First Contact and Nemesis as well. In the next few weeks I should have Generations done.

In order to make use of these commentaries start the movie playing right as the Paramount logo appears, exactly at the beginning of the film. It is important to make sure it is in sync with the film as I reference things that are on screen that very second.

If there is further demand for these after I complete the Generations commentary I would consider releasing commentary for Star Treks 1-6 ...If you want further commentaries, please post.

Here are links to the two I have completed.

Dan M

I'm looking forward to listening to the FC commentary over the weekend.  Thanks for posting these.


I'm really looking foward to hearing these.

I think you and Rico should do a joint Commentary on either Star Trek 6, or 7.  :)
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It would be good to do a joint commentary with Rico. From what he has said, he would like to start with episodes, which is something I have not done yet.  The Trek films he and I should talk, IMO, are: II, III, IV, VI, VII, IX, X - Just because I did FC, Insurr, and Nem already doesn't mean a second person there to bounce off would not be beneficial. Talking about Star Treks II and VI will be really special for me because of the enormous respect I have for Nicholas Meyer. He is truly one of my heros.

Do you have any requests for episodes to be commented over?


Just to let you guys know, I have covered many of the earlier Trek movies on the podcast already.  I had suggested to Sebastian that we do a joint episode review sometime soon - most likely a TNG episode.  We might at some point cover one of the films as well.  That's the plan for right now.