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Started by Poodyglitz, March 24, 2007, 10:07:43 AM

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I'm a new subscriber to TISF and have been nearly addicted, catching up with what I've been missing these couple of years. About two episodes a day has been the average. I listen at work and while I'm waiting to fall asleep at bedtime. I first encountered "Star Trek" in the 60's as a kid growing up in Los Angeles. I remember watching it prime time on Thursday nights, then Friday nights. What was cool about Friday nights was that "Star Trek" followed "The Prisoner", my other top ten television show.

I don't go to conventions or read the novels, but "Star Trek" hits me on the same level as my memories of Disneyland or reading about Walt Disney. It's visceral and partly unexplainable. What i can rationalize is the fact that Kirk, Spock and McCoy are like old friends. Then there's the fact that the triumvirate is a powerful storytelling element. For its time, "Star Trek" was state-of-the-art storytelling and an example of great creativity.

Since I don't have cable TV and don't own the TOS DVDs (I have a couple of the movies on DVD), it's been nice to listen to the Trek episode commentaries. What's nice is hearing facts that I wasn't aware of. I really dig the fact that the community gets involved by providing audio commentaries. I've been considering ideas for my own podcast lately and really wish I'd come up with this idea, it's a great one. 

Keep on keepin' on.


Glad you can join us.. welcome.


Welcome to the fun!  Great folks here to interact with too!  I'm sure you will enjoy it.


Welcome anyway we won't  :starwars: mostly  :lamo and  :roflmao so  :cheers least thats my  :2cents so never be  :offtopic and if you will  :cylon we will  :jawdrop and  :eekout so have fun!
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