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Treks In Sci Fi RPG Is still Alive and Kicking

Started by Jen, April 29, 2007, 10:59:35 AM

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Hi everyone. We've made several changes in the RPG and are having a lot of fun there. We would love if some more folks could drop in and add their imagination to our creative writing project.

I've started a synopsis thread to make it a bit easier for people to keep up with things. Since there are currently only four members consistently writing, the pace is usually one or two posts a week, per member. Its not planned that way, just seems that we have developed a pattern. Its been A LOT easier to keep track of, especially since the Synopsis Thread has been started. I've even listed the page # and reply # of the posts that are essential to the story within the synopsis.

If you don't want to play your own character then feel free to create a NPC (Non player character). They're noncommittal. You can be a red shirt Tiberius crew member, a Klingon Warrior  or one of the Gathers. The same thing applies if you've been interested in participating in the RPG but don't know for sure if you want to create a permanent character. Take a test drive, be one of the above mentioned NPCs.

All are welcome to join the story at any time. Just read the forum rules before you jump in.  :)

Please visit the OOC Thread in the RPG Forum for more details. You can post there or drop me or Kenny a PM and let us know if you have any questions. :)
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Kenny and Rico have made me one of the RPG moderators. I'm trying to help breath some life back into the RPG. My first action as moderator, is to get some suggestions and feedback from the people who stopped participating because they got busy with real life or lost interest (both are understandable).

First, I think some people may be  confused by the term "RPG", which is used to describe the section of this forum where we write stories about the crew of the USS Tiberius.

From researching other on-line Star Trek RPGs, I have learned that they are not at all like a table top RPGs or MMOs. Instead, Forum RPGs can be compared to creative writing.  In a sense, your posts are like chapter in an ongoing Tiberius story.  Your posts will not be heavily restricted by a game master.  But if you want a game master, I have some ideas listed below. Please feel free to add your suggestions as well.

Do you have any suggestions that would help make the RPG easier for you to participate in?

Would anyone like more detailed RPG rules? If so, are there any that you would like to suggest?

Would a LOOSE story outline, posted in Out Of Character section of the RPG forum, help guide participants?

Would it help to limit the number of posts to no more than two a week ? Currently the RPG members are posting once or twice a week...if this were made permanent, would you participate?

What can I do to make the Story Synopsis Section (see above post for details) easier to keep track of?

Thanks for your help,

Founding co-host of the Anomaly Podcast