For you, what was the most exciting Star Trek episode?

Started by space_invader64, March 11, 2007, 08:12:57 PM

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I was jumping up and down during the first run of the DS9 episode, Sacrifice of the Angles.  It had been building up until that point for a long time; unlike the self contained episodes.  What episode do you guys think was the most exciting?

Dan M

Tough question.

Overall most exciting episode was the final episode of ENT Season 3, I think, for similar reasons to why you chose Sacrifice of Angels.

My most exciting moment was when Worf nonchalantly snapped Weyoun's neck.  It's the only time I ever jumped off the couch hollering while watching TV, outside of sports.

Most anticipated episode was All Good Things, and I wasn't disappointed.

Most exciting season was DS9, Season 7.


It would be cool to break it down by series.
For TOS, "The Doomsday Machine" and "Balance of Terror" rank high on my list.
For TNG, the 2 parter "Best of Both Worlds" kicked it up a notch.
For DS9, the series finale "What You Leave Behind" although I thought the Sisko goes with the prophets thing wasn't the most satisfying for me.
For Voyager, the 2 parter "The Year of Hell" was great.
I need to re-watch a lot of Enterprise to give an opinion on that.


that is hard , tng best of both worlds & all good things , ds9 I would have to say the last two season of it with the dominon war give or take a couple of episodes and as for voyger & enterprise I am re watching them over as well as tos so I will get back to yall.


My serious favorite has always been the TOS episode "Assignment: Earth" (recently listened to Rico's commentary on it -- loved it). It mixed "Trek" with James Bond and gave it an interesting slant. Robert Lansing had a wonderful gravitas about him. With his character being constantly thwarted in his mission made me wonder if I should be glad or frustrated, since I wasn't really sure if he was friend or foe (I was a child when I first watched it). Then there's Terri Garr. Really wish it had been picked up as a series. My other favorite is "Spock's Brain" because of the silliness ("Brain and brain, what is brain!?"). The latter inspired an idea for a TNG episode that combined it and "The Gamesters Of Triskelion". My other favorites usually contain beautiful actresses:

"Requiem For Methuselah"
"Whom Gods Destroy"
"Fridays Child"
"The Cloud Minders"
"For The Earth Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky"

So you see,  excitement can be defined in a couple of ways. From a story point of view, I really enjoyed:

"Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" (civil rights episodes, a Black Man's favorite)
"The Ultimate Computer"
"The Changeling" (done much move convincingly here than in the first movie)
"Space Seed"

My favorite TNG episode is "The Best Of Both Worlds". Lots of danger. Threats from many directions. Other than the movie "First Contact", I wish they' have just walked away from Borg episodes. They were just eventually rendered inert as an enemy. Just like the J'em Had'arr (sp?) ended up.

Can't say that I was ever really interested in the other series. However, I do find myself watching "Trials And Tribble-ations" (even though I wasn't particularly interested in the original episode). I also find myself going back to "Future's End" (maybe because of Sarah Silverman?) and "Through A Mirror Darkly". Not that they make up for the lack of depth in the series that they represent. Not that they're particularly exciting. They do make for interesting diversions when I need something mindless.


The most exciting trek for me was:
DS9: The Way of the Warrior, The Siege at AR-558,
VOY: Timeless, Relativity, Future's End
Enterprise: Shockwave, The Shipment, Zero Hour. 
TNG- Genesis, Time's Arrow, The Hunted

As for films...even though it wasn't asked: Star Trek II, VI, VIII

Something I should mention. Eventhough I am a Star Trek fan and loved the technology, for some reason the episodes that stick out in my memory were the character development stories. They might not have been the most exciting, but I think they were the best episodes. The kind of episode where you don't see a tricorder or a phaser. Episodes like: The Inner Light, Frame of Mind, The Drumhead, Measure of a Man, Redemption, For the Uniform, Lineage, Barge of the Dead, First Flight, Bounty...

Just my .02 cents :)

(I'll add I have a shooting script for my fav. DS9 episode, The Siege at AR-558 signed by Dennis Madalone a friend of mine who was also the stunt coordinator on Trek, so I am especially close to this episode!!)


Quote from: SebastianProoth on March 30, 2007, 04:12:05 PMAs for films...even though it wasn't asked: Star Trek II, VI, VIII

I'd have to say mine are II, IV & VIII.

"The Motionless Picture" has sometimes been a guilty pleasure. Probably because when I saw it opening week in Montreal (I was living there at the time), It was the first new Star Trek in years. At that point I was buying that newsletter that folded out into a poster. Many of you young folks don't know what it's like to have to wait many, many years for new Star Trek. At that point in time, no one knew the future of the franchise. After watching the movie, I still wasn't sure. I walked out of the theater baffled. However, it was like a starving man eating a Swanson frozen dinner. Not the best of meals, but something to fill the void. Thank goodness  "Wrath Of Khan" came after.


All my favs from the other series have been mentioned, but I'd like to add "Silent Enemy" from Enterprise.

It really is one of the very few times our captain and crew looked scared, and there was no out of nowhere solution.  They had to build whole weapons, and then almost blow every circut in the ship using it.   

Other than against the Borg, I don't think we ever saw our precious Star Fleet at such a technological disadvantage.

Very realistic.
"After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting.  It is not logical, but it is often true." - Spock


The Motion Picture...Ah what a terrible bore to watch. I started watching it last weekend and had to actually give up during a Star Trek feature! I was getting so bored I just turned it off. My brother suggested I just read a synopsis when I defended my waste of time as "I want to know the story" -- Now I can imagine if I had not seen a new Star Trek episode in 10 years, and it was pre-internet, pre-cable channels and pre-global information times, I might love TMP...but in this case, I think it is aweful, and I think I will just read a synopsis.

As for Silent Enemy, Jo, Its interesting that you mention our SF crew being outgunned. They are outgunned so rarely those are the episodes that stick out in our memories. Look at "Yesterday's Enterprise" their ass was kicked so bad they were going to blow up...we just didn't see it for budget reasons! Outgunned by the Borg in "Q Who" was good too.."I Need you Q!" I can't think of any times the Voyager was totally outgunned...they seemed to take on "Borg Tactical Cubes" but shudder at the thought of engaging a Sphere....I dunno...I should stop now..

Also I wanted to throw this in. One of my most exciting episodes was "Genesis" as mentioned above. My mother really enjoyed that one, and she is NOT a trekkie. One thing she did mention was that when they sample the "amniotic fluid" from Nurse Ogowa was risky, although it is rutine during a is not without its risks to the unborn infant.

Dan M

Genesis was beneficial, because it made the end of TNG a little bearable.

Sure, we were only going to get 5 or 6 more episodes after that one aired, but if they were going to be that crappy, maybe it was time to stop.

Not a fan.