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Started by Cpt.Serwin, March 09, 2007, 05:35:17 AM

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So what are some other good podcast people listen to? I am trying to find stuff to listen to that is intresting. I have run out of podcast by Rico and I need help with getting through work? :cylon :tpol


I listen to these pretty much weekly:

Extralife Radio (geeks and comedy group show)
The Instance (Warcraft show)
TWIT (Computer tech show)
Slice of Sci-Fi  (Sci-Fi news, interviews)
Comicology  (comics)
Star Wars Action News (podcast on SW collecting)
Jawbone Radio (husband & wife podcast about life/everything)
PC Gamer (podcast for the mag - games,...)

There are some others I listen to off and on but the above are the main ones.  Best thing I can say is search iTunes or Podcast Alley and try some out.  Lots of good stuff out there.

The IC

Some of the ones that I listen to are:

Cranky Geeks (tech discussion by John C Dvorak and friends)
GeeksOn (a podcast by geeks for geeks)
Scene Unseen (hillarious movie review podcast)
Radio Leo (Leo LaPorte's network which includes: TWiT, TWiM, The Tech Guy etc..)
SModcast (Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier)
Watching the Directors
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast


Hey Cpt... check out this thread.. there are two pages of discussion on other podcasts that members recommend. http://www.treksf.com/forums/index.php?topic=1488.0


Yeah - I knew there was an older thread about this.  Oh - I'm also starting to watch a few more video podcasts.  My current fav is Geekbrief TV with Cali Lewis.  It's a short tech type show about 3-4 minutes long.  Cool little show and Cali is so fun and cute!

Find it here:


*Matt brings up his huge podcast list*


Best of Moyles: A weekly best of the "Chris Moyles Show" a radio show here in the UK, he's a funny man, check it out.

Dragon's Landing: Pen & Paper RPG podcast

Extralife Radio: General Geekdom podcast with Scott Johnson

Extralife TV: The Video minicast of the above

Fear the Boot: Yet another Pen & paper RPG podcast

Infendo Radio: A Nintendo centric podcast (yet again with Scot Johnson)

John Cleese Podcast: Very infrequent but funny podcast by the Ex-Python

Make it So - A very in-formal Star Trek Podcast

Russell Brand - Do not listen if you are offended by sexual humor. This is a weekly best of bits from this guy's radio show that goes out on a Sat night in the UK a very funny comedian.

Scott Mills Daily: Another very funny radio best bits podcast from Scott Mills in the UK

The Instance: The BEST World of Warcraft podcast out there (With Scott Johnson AGAIN, this guy is a podcast ho! But very talented)

Treks in Scifi - You may not have heard about it, never mind ;)

Virgin Worlds - The BEST news podcast about MMOs in general


I'll troop out a shameless plug for my two casts:

http://theelfanddwarf.podbean.com - a podcast by a couple who plays WoW together

http://fnp.podbean.com - a podcast by a teacher who shares commentary on the week's events over a couple of pints, hence the name Friday Night Pints.  :)

I also listen to regularly:
GeekbriefTV (audio), GalacticaWatercooler, The Instance, The Weekly Murloc, Taverncast (when they do it, which is only monthly), The 10th Wonder (for fans of Heroes), and NPR's Science Friday.  I also just added TWiT (This Week in Tech).

Mr. O


Podcasts, you ask? Check these out:

Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica commentaries
KCRW's The Treatment w/Elvis Mitchell
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Extinct Attractions Club Podcast (extinct Disneyland attractions)
The Accidental Creative
The Tavis Smiley Show
They Might Be Giants Podcast (music)
Chillcast (music)
Insight For Living
Let My People Think
The TR Connection Toddcast (Todd Rundgren biography)
Vintage Radio Shows Podcast

These have really helped me through my workday.


If you like B-Movies I am enjoying the B-Movie podcast I think it is really fun. I also listen to podiobooks and KomicsKast, Comicology, SciFiDig and The Golden Age of comics. As well as many others , just going through the iTunes podcast section is fun.
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A couple of months ago, I was watching "The Wasp Woman" and "Reefer Madness", courtesy of Archive.org. If you like B-movies, you'll enjoy this (I think):