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Character's Name: Nathaniel Jacob Quinn


Born: 2305.9

Place Of Birth: San Francisco, California, Earth

Gender: Male

Species Of Origin: Betazoid/ El Aurian

Hair: Brown/ Short

Eyes: Greenish Grey

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175

Skin Tone: Light Brown

Telepathic and Empathic Status: Varies from person to person or species to species. I can Read Minds, Feel Emotions, or Feel Presence

Body: Muscular Build

Face : Very Tranquil

Marital Stats: Single

Children: No

Habits: Answering the question before it is asked of me.

Quarters: Has a lot of candles, usually doesn't use lights. Very relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

Likes: Helping People

Dislikes: People who say they want help but don't really listen.

Ambitions and Goals: To one day Command my own Starship and to explore the unexplored.

Temperament: Calm, Cool, Quiet

Hobbies: Classical music, mythological studies, Reading, Astro Physics.


Mother: Anashta Quinn (El Aurian), Guidance Counselor with Starfleet Academy.

Father:  Jerrad Quinn (Betazoid), Physics Instructor with Starfleet Academy

Siblings: Jennifer Quinn (Civilian), owns and runs a cafe in old San Francisco. Douglas Quinn (Lt.Cmdr.), posted to the Q Shoe, was killed at Wolf359.  Anena Quinn (High School Student), wants to follow family tradition, will be entering Starfleet next year.


      My mother was part of the colony that was rescued by Enterprise B when the Nexus destroyed there convoy. She relocated to earth and lived in San Francisco. She met my father eighty years later and fell in love. They got married the following year. It was a strange courtship everyone told them, a Betazoid marring an El Aurian, but they didn't care because they loved each other. They settled down in San Francisco and took jobs with Starfleet.  My mother a guidance counselor and my father a physics teacher. Both were very dedicated to Starfleet. Jennifer was born first then Douglas, myself and then Anena. My whole life has revolved around Starfleet. I can remember when my dad use to sit me down and explain the history of it all.

   I always knew I was different, as a child. I remember my father explaining to me that the difference between me and the other children made me very special.  As far back as I can remember, I could always feel others emotions, but was unable to  read minds until I was thirteen. I had a hard childhood as you could imagine. I had a hard time trying to separate my feelings from everyone Else's feelings. I remember taking special classes in school and always feeling like an outcast. My parents did there best at giving me a normal childhood but I was different. My older sister and brother both were unable to read thoughts and only my younger sister can feel emotions. I don't know why out of four children I was the only one with full telepathy and empathic abilities.

   I've always known that I have wanted to be in Starfleet. So when I was old enough I followed the family tradition and entered. Even after my brother's death at Wolf 359, I still wanted to be a part of Starfleet, it's in my blood. Now that I graduated I couldn't wait until my first mission. I was fortunate enough to be assigned to the USS Insannah. She's a great ship and has a great Captain at the helm. I look forward to full filling my destiny.

   During my time aboard the USS Isannah, we have encountered numerous creatures, gone through man made wormhole which lead to the Beta quadrant which we encountered cloud creatures. While in the Beta quadrant we encountered a creature with enormous powers. This creature died but before he died he transferred his essence, his knowledge into my mind. We later found out that he was an ancient Changeling that left the founders centuries ago and explore a vast amount of space. I have all his information and experience in my head and I am slowly trying to understand it. He has been places that I can not even put into words. We made it back to the alpha quadrant and was slightly caught up in the Dominion War. I was mortally wounded by my own Captain, but later found out it was an impostor. The being that shared my mind healed me. He told me that I can not die, cause I have not fulfilled my destiny. While trying to figure that out we battled borg like creatures, which we called bizarro borgs. We have dealt with interspace being, subspace being, alternate universe being and so much more During this time I have been promoted from Ensign, to Lt. Commander, to Commander and I have also gone from Counselor to Third in Command. I can say without a doubt that the past six-year on board the USS Isannah has been one adventure after another. I look forward to my new assignment aboard the USS Tiberius, NCC 63642 as her First Officer.

     The first mission aboard the USS Tiberius didn't go quite as planned. We lost our Captain to the mysterious Iconian people and I was made acting Captain. Our second mission was to find a renegade Acamarian. Of course it wasn't an easy mission and there was more then what Starfleet had expected.  It was a hard mission and my new crew did exceptionally well. I was awarded STARFLEET ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL for heroism. We are currently back at Earth awaiting repairs.

    I have been officially made Captain of the USS Tiberius and my first official mission was unofficial. We traveled to Romulus to rescue my First Officers father. Even though the mission was a success things don't go quite as planed. We are currently on our way back to Vulcan to drop off Sevryll's father.

    While on our way back to Vulcan we strange virus began to infect the crew of the Tiberius. By the time we reached Vulcan a 1/3 of the crew was dead and another 1/3 were sick. The bio gel packs aboard the Tiberius were also infected and I had to make the tough decision to save the planet Vulcan or save my ship. Commander Sevryll and I set auto destruct and blew up the ship. We were then quarantined for a year on a space station orbiting Vulcan, months later Aria along with Ryla Drett's help found a cure and we were released.

    While on shore leave on Earth a romance began with Nicholas Took. There is something very special about this man and I look forward to seeing where this relationship goes.

    Starfleet has given me  another commission this time a brand new Intrepid class II ship. She's a beauty and rightfully fits her name USS Arabella. I brought back the remaining Tiberius crew with some new additions and we set up to see what's out there.


Nice Kenny - great example for us!


Thanks for posting Kenny, was not sure where to start, but will read through this to help me work on my character profile.


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Interesting.  I look forward to discussing your experiences with the bizarro borg.
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What a great character! Very interesting.
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Quinn stood at the alter in his Starfleet's best. He could fill beads of sweat form on his forehead.  He looked over at his mother who was sitting in the front row, she gave him one of her reassuring smiles. The official stood in front of him and gave a nod to the organist who began to play a slow enchanting song. Nathan turned and stared down the long walkway between the two sets of chairs. Everyone stood and turned towards the back of the room. The doors opened and a very beautiful and petite woman dressed all in white began to walk down the aisle. Quinn got a nudge in the ribs. He turned to the man standing next him and gave AJ a big smile.  Seconds passed though it felt like hours and the petite woman finally reach where Nathan was standing. He smiled and gave her his arm as they began to walk up the few steps to the alter. The official gave a nod and everyone took a seat. She began,  "It is my honor and privilege to join this man Nathaniel Jacob Quinn and this woman Elizabeth Guinevere Sulu in wholly matrimony.