Nice to see some folks drop in...

Started by Rico, January 19, 2007, 08:07:57 PM

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I sent a little email out to the forum members encouraging them to drop back in....  I see some I haven't seen on in awhile.  Glad to see all of you again.  Stayed tuned into the podcast, website and forums - more fun in 2007 is yet to come....   :metallica:


Nice to be back Rico my man :)

I'm also going to record a "What ST means to me" bit tomorrow and send you it, so everyone cross fingers that my mic is working! :D


That would be most awesome!  If mic isn't good - you can always call voicemail at:   206-88TREKS


Nah it should be ok. I think it was just connected wrong. It's a nice new shiny USB headset thing. Am going to record this afternoon after I finish tidying :)


Well that email worked for me. I'm here and back in action!

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