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Game Of Thrones - Battle Of Winterfell

Started by Bromptonboy, April 29, 2019, 07:16:42 AM

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I thought it would be easier to have a spoiler discussion here:

[spoiler]I enjoyed the episode, but was a bit disappointed at the ending of the Winter King.  Why was he after Bran?  I was expecting a show down between the 3 eyed raven and the winter king.  I hope we get some answers in the final few episodes.  How did Arya get through the circle of wights around the Gods Wood?  I know, I am nitpicking!  :) [/spoiler]


I liked it.  I think you might need to wait for the books to give you answers.  PM Chris on Facebook.  He seems to have some theories.


[spoiler]So, the issue with Bran and The Night King was explained with Bran was with the previous three eyed raven. Unfortunately, you will not find the Night King in the novels. He was completely made up for the show. There is a Night's King, that is mentioned in the histories, but he was a member of the watch that married a "pale woman with blue eyes" and crowned himself King. Didn't go well for him.[/spoiler]


What did you guys think of the latest episode?
[spoiler]I was disappointed in the direction that Danyrs took as a character.  That was too sudden a shift in her personality.  I could see her blasting the REd Keep, but not laying waste to the city.

I hope that Bran can reset the timeline somehow..  ;)


I'm not as invested and haven't read the books but I thought they have been setting up this direction for awhile now.  I just mainly think they are cramming too much in these last episodes.