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"Daredevil" - Marvel - Netflix

Started by Rico, April 04, 2015, 02:04:14 PM

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If I can wait I'll binge watch this on my vacation at the end of the month. I'll probably watch a couple episodes before then though.


Binged this over the weekend while doing my taxes - it was pretty cool (Daredevil - not the taxes).  Looking forward to the next binge.   Not looking forward to taxes. :)


I'm stretching it out.  Only have watched three episodes so far.  Did my taxes long ago and already got my refund back.


Watched episode 1 with the wife. I really liked it. And she already did our taxes.


I haven't watched any of this yet.. as I know once I start I won't stop and I can't afford the time needed to watch the entire series in one sitting.


I'm going slow - only 4 episodes in so far.  I'm practicing my patience and savoring it.


We are up to episode four and someone told me at the end of the episode its pretty violent. I'll have to tell the wife to leave the room. She likes her superhero action to be more BAM! POW! etc. I would probably be farther along if it was just me watching but she did say she wanted to watch them with me. Maybe we will watch it quicker once Arrow and Flash end their seasons.
Someone at the comic shop yesterday even asked if there was getting to be too many superhero shows with more coming to Netflix. I would have to say NO!


I just finished episode 7 last night.  This is a great series and yes, there is a lot of violence in very real and graphic ways.  Not for the faint of heart.  But, I'm loving the series so far.


I really liked this.  Kind of like if "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" did a Hell's Kitchen, Post "Incident" variant, with a side of masked vigilante.

James D'Onofrio was incredible, and I really liked the portrayal of "Team Lawyers" - not all sunshine and happiness, but in there swinging for the cause.

Should be interesting to see what other cases they get to tackle, if it gets renewed.  Or where they go with the current set of "bad guys"... [spoiler]Any of The Russians, Yakuza, Madam Gao, Fisk, or his Fiancee would make for interesting future adventures.[/spoiler]


I just got done with this tonight.  It was awesome!  So gritty and real - well except for a blind guy with superhuman senses (but that's the only thing you have to swallow).  Great cast, great bad guy.  Yeah, I think you meant Vincent D'Onofrio - as Fisk was incredible.  It's been renewed already so no worries there.  Marvel on Netflix is off to a fantastic start.


Took me awhile to get through these because the wife wanted to watch them with me. She is not interested in the Jessica Jones show so I should be able to get through it a lot quicker.
Anyway I did enjoy the series and I really like his Daredevil costume. The wife and I didn't like that they
[spoiler]killed off the reporter[/spoiler] but we loved it in the final episode when (this shouldn't be a spoiler) Fisk got what was coming to him by Daredevil. Looking forward to the next season.


Yeah, I really liked this series a lot!