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WB mulling a Babylon 5 HD upgrade!

Started by ChrisMC, November 27, 2013, 03:19:58 AM

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Even though I already bought the entire series years ago on DVD, I'd definitely be all over this. I hope they actually have the film elements. Plus, they's have to upgrade the effects, and I think that alot of people downed the show because of the early CG. But there's a great story behind it all.

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I might possibly be interested in upgrading my DVD set. I'm more interested in collecting all the Star Trek on Blu-Ray first. I hope CBS goes ahead and continues on with DS9 and VOY. TNG will be finished by June of next year I expect as well as ENT. Although I enjoy Babylon 5 it's not a series I watch much anymore. Blu-Ray might give it new life though because the effects are pretty dated and even an upscaling DVD player can't do much to help them on a HD television.

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That could be interesting with redone effects. Don't know if I would upgrade since I already have the series on DVD but I might be tempted if the price was right.


I still have this on VHS! Bags and bags of tapes.

(And they were free since I was given them by a friend when she upgraded to DVD. I like friends :))

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Here's a taste of what it could look like:


Sequel, prequel, just bring it back.


I have always meant to watch this show (in order).  Is it on-demand someplace - or do you have to buy DVDs?


Quote from: Bromptonboy on January 16, 2014, 06:33:38 AM
I have always meant to watch this show (in order).  Is it on-demand someplace - or do you have to buy DVDs?
I don't think it's on Netflix but Amazon has a good deal @ $17 per season DVD sets.

iTunes has all five seasons available too - single episodes or seasons.

JMS recently said if WB would give him complete creative control and a decent budget, he would create more B5.

Londo and G'Kar are still knocking around in his head and won't give him any peace.


DVD's would be worth it. I have never found it streaming anywhere. I did just see where Farscape came back on Netflix which is another cool sci-fi show.


I would only be down with this if JMS was going to oversee it all.
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Babylon 5 was the show I wanted to like, but just finally didn't.

I do though, find this announcement interesting for the technical aspects. For all digital imaging has accomplished, film casts a long shadow. We can talk about HD remasters of TV shows and movies much older than Babylon 5, but there's years of standard def DV recordings that can't get any better than interpolated upscaling.