Today I celebrate 24 years of marriage!!!

Started by WillEagle, April 23, 2012, 05:26:14 AM

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Yes. I have 4 kids, and each time...well let's just say I have learned to purse my lips into a tight smile and nod!

Congrats Will! Marriages that last a long time are very inspiring to everyone.
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Thanks everyone for your comments. Very nice to see. We had a great time on our anniversary and she even let me go to a Comic Shop we just happened to be passing. I really didn't know it was there. Really. She said you can go in by yourself. I told the comic shop guy that I probably shouldn't leave her out there very long on our anniversary and he agreed with me. They did have a full size Darth Maul and a Predator. They were cool. We even went to a Half Priced Books store. She knows me so well. I did find 2 Star Trek graphic novels, a Trek book & about 8 25 cent comics. A pretty good haul.
Again everybody thank you so much for the nice comments.