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Started by billybob476, October 14, 2011, 05:33:57 AM

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Quote from: HawkeyeMeds on January 25, 2008, 01:49:51 PM
Hi All, HawkeyeMeds here. 34 years old and new to the forum. Just found the podcasts and happily trying to get through the back catalogue. Big fan of Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who. Look forward to chatting with you.

Well i am four years  older, no longer new to the forum lol. Still a big fan of Trek, Star Wars (bar the obvious) and of course i still love Dr Who. Since then i've started Waffle On Podcast, become a published and lead writer of drama for Martian Creative. I'm now married and have a two year old daughter and we moved to a slightly bigger house.


Quote from: KingIsaacLinksr on February 28, 2007, 08:57:53 AM
My forum name is Kinglinksr.   I live in Oregon on the west coast and have listened to TrekSF Episode 95.   :starwars:

I know my name isn't very trekkie, but I am a big trek and war fan.  I'm really happy to have found a podcast with Star Trek and Wars information because for a long time I've been "out of the network" of Trekkie news.  I finally got an IPOD Nano, I looked in Itunes and found this podcast.  Kudos to Rico. :dstar

Anyway, I've lately become a forum person so I hope to be doing more posts!   :starwars:

Thanks for letting me into the community.  This is a great website. 
King Linksr

"Captain on the Bridge" :cylon

Well, geez, a heck of a lot has changed since then.  I changed my nickname to KingIsaacLinksr which is now my universal name, though Kinglinksr still exists on Anomaly, haven't figured out how to change it on that forum.  I was planning on being into more forums by now, but Treks in Sci-fi is the only one I visit daily.  I can't even remember what other forums I was participating back then, but one of them was probably a gaming one.  Somehow I haven't been kicked out of here either, which still boggles my mind :P. 

I am a lot less secretive than I used to be, whether for good or bad I haven't figured that out.  Timothy Wetzel is my name. 

I live, more specifically, in Eugene, Oregon now, but was in Tillamook Oregon up until August this year so go google map that if you want ;).

I am a full time college student, was in High School at the time.  More into gaming now, love my iOS Devices, built my first computer, have watched all series except Voyager in its entirety and Enterprise, got exposed to a lot more geeky stuff, started my own blog, started my own business.  Also started into social networking and became A Paladin Without A Crusade.  Just wow, a lot has happened in the years I've been in here. 

Oh and posted 4,000 times.  :)  And been a member for 4 years. 
I think I've left King on 99% of my posts as its own signature which I have typed everytime

A Paladin Without A Crusade Blog... www.kingisaaclinksr.wordpress.com
My Review of Treks In Sci-Fi Podcast: http://wp.me/pQq2J-zs
Let's Play: Videogames YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/kingisaaclinksr


Quote from: M-5 on June 28, 2008, 01:00:36 AM
Hello my Brothers and Sisters!  My name is M-5.  Some call me The Cosmic Soul Brother or The Brother from Another Planet.  I'm 44 years old and live in The Great Pacific Northwest.  I love all things SciFi.  My favorite SciFi show is Star Trek.  I started watching it in the early 1970's.  My favorite series is The Original Series, followed by Deep Space Nine.  My favorite Star Trek film is The Wrath of Khan.  Some of the other SciFi shows I enjoy are: Space:1999, UFO, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica (Old and reimagined), Stargate SG-1 and many more.  If it's Scifi, I'll check it!  I look forward to meeting all of you and taking part in some great discussions about the world of Scifi.

Not a whole lot has changed.  I'm 48 years old now and my name is Mark.  I still love all things SciFi.


Quote from: Jobydrone4of20 on October 28, 2011, 01:04:36 PM
Quote from: Geekyfanboy on October 28, 2011, 10:55:23 AM
Great idea.. Wow.. I was the 7th person to join and only person still posting after all these years. I joined the forums 2 days after Rico started them.  Just realized it's almost my 6th year anniversary on these forums.

QuoteNovember 14, 2005, 10:19:16 AM

Hey Everyone my name is Kenny, I live in Sherman Oaks California and I'm a big GEEK.  I have no problem calling myself that because it is true. I love all things Sci Fi and Fantasy. I have been listening to Treks in Sci Fi since the Beta Podcast and have enjoyed it very much. I'm a huge Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly/Serenity and Lord of the Ring Fan. I love the classic TV like V, Angel, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Flash, Lois and Clark and Buck Rogers. As well as the new stuff, Invasion, Surface, Thershold and Supernatural. I collect anything and all things related to scifi and fantasy movies/tv. Like action figures, comic books, paperback books, cards, props, magazines and so much more.

As for my update.. other then being six years older and moving to Agua Dulce...the only other thing that has changed is my collecting. I have taken a step back from collecting tons of stuff. I still buy stuff from time to time but nothing like I did back then.
From what I've seen your career has really taken off and you've achieved a lot of success over the past six years

Well yeah tons has happened but from my first post and what was shared.. not much as changed. :)