Last week to get your T-shirt preorders in

Started by Rico, September 04, 2006, 03:18:24 PM

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This will be the last week to get the T-shirt preorders in gang.  I'm hoping to place the order I think next Monday the 11th.  There will be a few extra ordered but preordering will make sure you get a shirt and in the size you want.  I won't be doing this again for awhile so if you want a shirt, now's your chance.  Order link:

P.S.  Don't forget if you can't do Paypal I can take a check or a money order.  Just email me and I'll send you my address for that.


Order on the way Rico.  Thanks for doing this bud.
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Still looking for more orders folks.  Many had posted in the other T-shirt threads about wanting one of these that haven't sent an order in yet.  Pricing, etc. was kind of based on getting more of those orders in.  Hopefully I will get some more in the next few days.  (Big hint, hint....).   :worthy


Placing the order later today (9/10) I think.  I'll have a few extra but again, get your orders in soon if you want to make sure to get a shirt!   ;)


Ok, extended the preorders a couple more days.  I am placing the order this week.  Again, I'll have a few extra but a preorder is the best way to go.  Any more takers on this?


yeah, count me in... how does the money exchange work? are you doing paypal?
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yah! T-shirts ordered!!! I can't wait to get mine.  Thanks Rico
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Quote from: Picard_delta_5 on September 13, 2006, 04:27:25 PM
yeah, count me in... how does the money exchange work? are you doing paypal?

You can still order one, but do it very soon.  Use the link off the main web page.