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Started by Rico, February 12, 2011, 08:21:40 AM

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Yeah, I really liked the 2 new episodes, and it really shows the difference having Dan Harmon back. The characters were becoming a parody of themselves. Should be a fun new direction. Abed's Nic Cage freakout was pretty damn hilarious!

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Yeah, it's great to have the show back.  I liked the second episode a lot more than the first.  Love that we now get Mike (playing Mike) from "Breaking Bad" on this show now too!


Well "Community" could only dodge the cancellation bullet so long and won't be back on NBC next fall.  Maybe Hulu will pick it up (that is the talk right now since the have the rights to show the reruns).



Abed's prediction for six seasons and a movie might come true after all.  Yahoo is bringing the series back for a season six!!



Wow amazing news. What with Netflix, Amazon, and now Yahoo, original programming on the web is taking off pretty darn fast.
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