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Alternate Star Trek Enterprise?

Started by davekill, February 04, 2011, 07:31:42 PM

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This comment by Doug Drexlar, regarding an alternate approach to Star Trek Enterprise really intrigued me.

For your consideration:

"I wish that Enterprise had dealt more with this sort of action, meaning more Earth interest stuff out in the galaxy, as opposed to political intrigue between alien races. In my scenario, the Vulcans take off after First Contact saying, when you're ready, you will find us... and then they go away.  So we strike out into the Universe on our own, exploring on our own, prospering on our own, evolving on our own, and hoping to find that enigmatic race that visited us on the eve of our becoming. In fact, I would have only had rumors of aliens, and traces of dangerous species out there amongst the stars for at least the first two seasons, including those of a violent, and barbaric race called Klingons. As we enter the third season, an Earth colony is found ritualistically and brutally massacred. Go from there."
The comments left on his blog where just as interesting.

- the boomers made more first contacts than Starfleet and not having had any formal astronaut/military training, the jeopardy and drama could have come from there.

What do you think?