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Started by ori-STUDFARM, December 11, 2010, 07:04:18 AM

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I did a search and couldn't find a thread for this.....so apologies if I've started a second one.

Misfits is a very adult sci-fi drama from the UK which is now on it's second season. (In true UK style though, Season 1 was only 6 episodes long...not sure how long 2 will be). It follows a group of young petty criminals who are doing community service as punishment for crimes and misdemeaners. A mysterious storm passes over and they end up running for cover from giant hailstones and violent rain. They all get blasted through the air after nearly getting struck by lightening.....and a short while later, they begin to find that they have developed superpowers....and thats the set up.

It has much humour, most of which comes from a cocky loudmouth character that doesn't seem to be able to hold his tongue. Some parts are quite scary.... and at the same time, you really start to care for these characters and the path they end up on. There is clever play with timelines and lots of twists and turns that really keeps you interested. It is between this and Walking Dead for my favourite TV show of 2010....and I think this maybe pips it for me...

Just beware if you do watch this. It is definately NOT for children. It is very gritty with lots of violence, lots of foul language and lots of sexually explicit scenes. .....scarily, these explicit and violent scenes are quite believable and realistic for life in the UK city centres and council estates....

I highly recommend you should give this show a go. It takes no time at all to rip through and it is brilliant


I love this show! It was on my top five list for exactly the same reasons you listed.


Meds has been talking about this series on twitter.. sounds great.. need to get my hands on the first season.


It really is up there with the best of Tv shows to come out of the UK.....

It's a toss up between this and Walking Dead for best show of 2010 for me. And this probably wins it


Not available on Hulu, bummer =(

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Acquired the first season.. can't wait to watch.