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Going On A Trek Quest

Started by ori-STUDFARM, April 23, 2010, 12:26:08 PM

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I decided to move onto TNG after TOS rather than the movies . I haven't posted as I hadn't come across any new episodes, and the ones I've watched are all reasonably fresh in my mind having watched them all as an adult. I didn't watch TNG when it aired. I had problems at home when I was in my teens so spent all of my time hanging around with local yobs at the local shopping centres....I basically spent my mid to late teens NOT watching TV. I didn't really start watching again until Voyager launched...

I came to TNG expecting to know a few episodes, but also expecting to find lots of new ones....and was shocked to complete Season 1 without any new episodes. I'd seen them all!! They were all very enjoyable, but nothing really stood out from the rest for me. (Although I dislike Wesley less than I thought I would) I did enjoy watching them in order and am hoping to notice the characater development as it moves along.

I have just found my first new to me episode. "Measure Of A man". And I really enjoyed this one. It is a story that questions what life is. It is an episode that looks in detail at Data to determine whether he is actually alive, or just an appliance. I enjoyed this a lot, from Picard's desperate attempts to save his crew member, to Rikers look of joy at finding a prosecution argument and then look of sadness as he realised what this could mean for a friend....but most of all, I loved Guinan's subtle (as ever) advice.

The biggest surprise for me, is that this is episode 35. I've seen all the previous 34.....looks like I saw more Trek than I realised. Either that, or I only saw the first season and a half....