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Started by CptPikeRulz, July 05, 2006, 02:00:25 PM

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Hello everyone... just found the pod casts las week... been catching up and enjoy very much.  Have been a Star trek fan as long as I can rememeber. my First episode I can remember watching was Arena.  I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, sitting in front of the TV with my TV Dinner (this was the late 70's) and watching the show in syndication at that point.  Wow that lizard man looked cool to me then.  Not long after that, My friend's dad took us to see this little movie called Star Wars.  Star Trek and Star Wars happened to me at the same time in the late 70's and i guess after that initial jolt of quality SciFi, i was never the same again. Hooked on Sci FI forever. Watched all of the series since, was so happy when they announced TNG back in the 80's and how wonderful to have the Second show done at a time when Gene could be here to do it.  I mostly watch the TOS shows.  i can be tinkering on my computer on a long weeked and go through a season or two.  never gets old.  i guess i am nutz.  Well, i am sure there is more, and i left out Battle Star galactica new and old (that i watched in Prime Time back in the day) and Twilight Zone (Should only be done in clasic Black and White) but this should be enough to let you all know where I am comming from.     


Cool!  Thanks for sharing.  Welcome to the fun!!
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Hey Capt. Pike.. sounds like you will fit in just fine here. Welcome to the group.


Glad to see another Trek fan here - and a Capt. Pike fan too!  Did you ever wonder how Trek would of turned out if Pike (jeff Hunter) had gone one to star in the show?  Might of been very cool.  Love your avatar too!  Welcome aboard!  :)


Yes, although I love Kirk too, Pike would have been a very different show... i loved the 1st pilot, can't believe the network wonks made them cowboy it up cause it was too cerebral.  Not too mention Majel looks hot as a brunette.  Spock even more serious than he usually is... very cool


Don't worry your not crazy, I love watching Lots of TOS episodes one weekend for hours on end. Hope you enjoy the forums, it's great fun here.
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welcome aboard, like i tell all the new members "if your a star trek fan, you will fit right in" have fun...
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We're glad you found Rico's show and decided to join the forums. Welcome!  :D
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