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Star Trek XI - spoilers!

Started by spidey27, July 22, 2006, 05:15:41 PM

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I have enjoyed my fair share of Tom Cruise movies in the past, but if he is in the next Trek movie, I hope it is no more then a cameo. I would be surprised if it was any more then that, since he cut ties with paramount over the summer. Maybe if he is in the movie, he can jump up and down on the captains chair, just like he did on that couch. ;)


It has to be nonsense, although it wouldn't be the first time a big Hollywood star cameoed in a Trek film, Christian Slater appeared in The Undiscovered Country and I believe he was a big fan. Although when he showed up, it was a surprise to me. I had no idea about his cameo
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In the rumored story that Tom Cruise wanted to make a cameo appearance on the next Star Trek flick, a spokesperson for Cruise flatly denies the story. Of course, when the rumor first hit the news wires, SoSF and every other entertainment news agency across the globe did a blurb on it; we even give it a small mention on our upcoming show due out this Wednesday….hey, even a rumor like that is news, especially since it is known that Cruise is a big fan of the franchise and his buddy Abrams is directing.

All that being said, Cinema Blend is now reporting that one of Tom Cruise’s publicists, a fellow named Arnold Robinson states “That story is not true.”

So, another chapter in the life of Tom Cruise closes and it looks like Mr. Excitement won’t be making any one-shots for Star Trek, at least not for now. We will keep you posted.


It was a pretty easy rumor to fake.  Tome Cruise just worked with JJ Abrams on MI3 and JJ is doing the next Trek film.  I'm actually happy this is "most likely" not going to happen.


Abrams: Trek XI Shapes Up

J.J. Abrams, who is writing and will direct a proposed 11th Star Trek movie, told TVGuide.com that the story is shaping up, but declined to reveal any details. "The framework is firmly in place, the script is being written now, and we are incredibly enthusiastic about it," Abrams told the site.

Abrams also declined to address casting rumors. "It's way too early to talk about casting," he said. "But the story is incredibly cool. All of us working on it are just giddy about it."


JJ Abrams was in Beverly Hills this past Wednesday to present an Atrios Award to his longtime casting director April Webster. TrekMovie.com was there and got a moment to talk a little Trek XI. Abrams confirmed their earlier story on the current status and Spring 2007 production start. He also explained why he hasn’t yet committed to direct and talked a bit about why he thinks Kirk and Spock continue to endure…see the (shaky) video.

Here is the text of that short video interview:

TrekMovie.com â,,¢: How will you decide if you will direct Star Trek XI?

JJ Abrams: (JJA) It is too early, I haven’t even seen the script yet. It is one of those things where I want to make sure I am the right person for it. As we proceed…I won’t committ to anything that I don’t think I can deliver the way I think it needs to be delivered.

TM: Roberto Orci said they were shooting for end of October for the script so is the first draft soon?

JJA: Did he? I would love to see that quote so I can call him up say ‘uh Bob?’…Well they are in the midst of it and it’s in progress.

TM: So shooting next spring is realistic?

JJA: The idea is to start shooting somewhere around there, otherwise we are not going to make the date that they have.

TM: Would summer 2008 be preferable to winter 2008?

JJA: Well winter would be preferable because you would have more time

TM: Why do you think the characters of Kirk and Spock endure?

JJA: That was an amazing relationship, it was an incredible relationship. It was brilliant writing and brilliant casting…and I agree with that.

TM: Any other message for the Trek fans?

JJA: No…no really. I dont say anything before its time

Unforunately the interview was cut short because the show was about to start, so the rest of ther Trek questions will have to wait until next time. It was interesting to see that Paramount seem to be driving the advanced schedule and that Abrams would prefer more time. His answer regarding Kirk and Spock was telling, he seems to have an affinity with those characters. And what exactly does ‘and I agree with that’ mean?


Thanks for posting the interview. I was not aware that JJ might not direct, I guess I assumed he was. Sounds he wants to do it right which is good, and hopefully he will not let the studio push him into producing an unfinished movie.


I saw that interview too.  Sometimes I think JJ should run for office.  He talks a lot but doesn't say anything.  Hehe!  Same when they talk to him about "Lost."  On directing I'd be fine if he directs or not.  Actually I think if he is handling a lot on this he might want to find another director.


Quote from: Rico on November 04, 2006, 06:17:47 AM
I saw that interview too.  Sometimes I think JJ should run for office.  He talks a lot but doesn't say anything.  Hehe!  Same when they talk to him about "Lost."  On directing I'd be fine if he directs or not.  Actually I think if he is handling a lot on this he might want to find another director.

Yeah he's a good person who can talk and talk and say nothing.  :wallbash: I thought the same thing when I read the interview but figure it was Star Trek News and there hasn't been much lately.


it seems to me like nobody knows anything yet... news is just trickling out slowly, and the news that does trickle out isnt even true... i think its way to early for us to know anything for sure... besides, right now, i would imagine that the star trek franchise is focusing more on the new games that are coming out and the remastered voyages on tv...
Star Trek Will Rise Again


More Rumors

Abrams Leaning Toward Unknowns

At this past weekend’s Creationent CON in New Jersey, Bill Shatner told a large audience that “J.J. is committed to having Leonard [Nimoy]….and me, in the film.”

Of course the film Bill speaks of is the new “Star Trek XI” that has sparked an untold number of rumors about casting ever since Paramount let it be known of their intention to continue the franchise on the big screen with new blood behind production.

Bill went on to indicate, as we reported in the MeeVee interview, that “it’s easy for Leonard, because Spock’s alive. But I’m [James Kirk is] dead.” The biggest surprise came when he reportedly put the young Kirk casting rumors to rest by stating that Abrams has put aside the idea of having actor Matt Damon as the new Captain Kirk (Matt was Bill’s early-on favorite choice). As to who Abrams would pick to play the part Bill would only say, “I think they’re going to go with unknowns [for Kirk and Spock].”


Abrams Will Direct Star Trek XI

It has been known since day one of the announcement of a new big screen Star Trek feature that J.J. Abrams would be the man-in-charge of the production side of the flick - dubbed Star Trek:XI. What was not known, and has remained a mystery since then is who would be chosen to helm the project from the director’s chair.

That query has finally been laid to rest as Viacom CEO Phillppe Dauman announced to Variety today that Abrams will not only produce, but will also direct the highly anticipated return of the Trek franchise to the big screen, giving him virtually complete control of the fate of Trek for the next few years. On the heels of said announcement, Paramount also indicated that the release of the film may be moved back to 2009, which fits nicely into Abrams’ current filled calendar of events.

“We’re revitalizing [Trek] in a new and interesting way,” Dauman told the trade paper, after confirming Abrams as director.

As was earlier made public, scripting is being done by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.


I'm ok with him directing, but that "revitalizing Trek" line scares me a bit.  And now maybe 2009.  Come on guys - get this ship moving!


I agree totally. Always when they suggest a reimagination or similar it puts the willies into me. Look at "Lost in Space" - ugh! However, Battlestar Galactica on the other hand worked pretty well... so this could go either way really, but still I do worry... I think though after Nemesis they had to do something different...

so we will see.

Darth Gaos

I'm with you guys....."reimagination" is not necessarily a good thing when you are talking about an iconic 40 year old franchise. R-MEL is correct, it works occasionally as it did with BSG but BSG was a short lived sci-fi show from the '70s. 

Goes along with the popular hollywood thing to do right now with regards to remaking old movies...."We liked the original but we wanted to make it darker"   UGH
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