Star Wars Art and more.

Started by davekill, August 28, 2010, 10:39:46 AM

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I found this beautiful Star Wars piece by a prolific artist Dave Dorman on his blog:

Titled "A Slight Disturbance in the Force on the Battlefield of Hoth." he states that true Star Wars fans will "get" it.

I'd like to get one for $100.00 cheap.

You can discover more about the man and his art at

for more samples of illustrations:
Aliens, Batman, G.I. Joe, Magic cards, Marvel, Star Wars, Wasted Lands and more.


WOW!  That's a great piece.  Love Dave's art!


Great picture.. wish I had an unlimited amount of funds.. :)


I always get sucked into buying art then spending 4x what it cost to frame it...
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