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Glee Chevy commercial

Started by X, May 24, 2011, 08:39:35 PM

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So, on Glee tonight, they were looking for fan commercials singing the see the USA in your Chevrolet. The winner's commercial get aired. It got me thinking about Rico and detroit and I thought it might be interesting if people on the forums got together and sung the song near landmarks in their specific cities and near a chevy with a treks in scifi easter egg. Then we could get someone to edit them to a single commercial that spans the states and shows different USA locations.

We'd probably be a shoe in to win it and I think it would be fun.

We have some pretty talented people here that are great editors and great musicians. I'm neither. I'm an ideas guy, but I'm going to try to talk my brother in law to get his fellow firefighters to sing the song in the front on the only Chevy in the Boston fleet.

Anyone want to try to make a national commercial?


Hmmmmm, intriguing.  When's the due date on it? 

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