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Started by billybob476, July 20, 2010, 07:19:11 AM

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So news came out yesterday that Netflix streaming is coming to Canada (finally!!). The only caveat is we are ONLY getting the streaming service, not the classic DVD-by-mail service. Currently, I'm a member of, which does DVD-by-mail but does not offer streaming. When netflix gets here, I think I'll be dropping Zip for Netflix.

My question is this: Since I'll only have access to the streaming service, is this worthwhile? How much is of the library available on streaming? Do those of you that use the streaming service still rely on the movies by mail model? or do you just maintain the minimum plan so you can sue the streaming?

Finally from a technical aspect, how do the streams look and how much bandwidth does it eat up? I have a 60 gig monthly cap on my internet (welcome to Canada).



NetFlix streaming library isn't too bad, but not overly extensive. They have decent mix of standard def and high def.  My wife uses the mail service more than I do, I typically use NetFlix for the classic TV stuff, like Sea Quest, Buck Rogers, Highlander, etc. I use my XBOX 360 to download and watch, and usually don't have much trouble with the bandwidth.  I like NetFlix, and we pay, I think, like $10.00 per month for streaming/DVD/BluRay.  So, I'd say, how much are they going to charge you for streaming only? If you aren't going to get a discounted rate, and pay what everyone else pays who get the DVD service as well, not so sure I'd be jumping on 2 cents...Al


Yeah it's still only an initial announcement tha the service is coming in the fall. No news on pricing as of yet. If it's only like 5 bucks a month or something I'd probably drop my service from 2 discs at one to one disc and then get the netflix streaming.


That would be well worth it! They do have a lot of classic TV on NetFlix, like the Tick! Remember that short lived live action TV show? :)


The streaming service works pretty well and they are adding content all the time.  However, very new releases are usually not available on streaming for some time.  I still also use the by mail feature too.  But streaming is nice for the older stuff - especially TV series.