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Happy Birthday Trekkygeek TIM!

Started by moyer777, May 17, 2010, 07:36:10 PM

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Happy Birthday Tim, a song dedicated to you.  You can get a better sounding recording by downloading this: http://www.takehimwithyou.com/songs/ithingythesong.mp3

I got an Ithingy- Tim's birthday and more- Rick Moyer's Video Blog for May 17th, 2010

inspired by Tim Morris of Appy Times Podcast

Years ago on my happy bday
my family and friends you see
they bought me a 32 gig
black shiny ithingy

It stored all my music and some video
looked slick and made me smile
downloaded podcasts, pictures and more
Had it with me all the while

I got and Ithingy, I got an Ithingy, I got an Ithingy y'all
I got and Ithingy, I got an Ithingy, I got an Ithingy y'all

Ol Stevee Jobs, he just can't quit
had to go and change it up much
redesigned my player with a flick of his wrist
and marketed us the Itouch

Now little icons floating on the screen
and apps coming out my ears
Got wifi, touch screen and more
put the earphone jack on the rear

I got and Ithingy, I got an Ithingy, I got an Ithingy y'all
I got and Ithingy, I got an Ithingy, I got an Ithingy y'all

Just when I thought I had seen it all
They come out with a cool new fad
The blew it up and increased the size
And are selling out of the IPAD

I want an Ithingy, I want an Ithingy, I want an Ithingy that's Huge!!

I have been and always will be, your friend.
Listen to our podcast each week http://www.takehimwithyou.com


 :happybday :happybday :happybday

Tim, I won't get all mushy hear (I'll do that in an email I send you) just want to say that you are very special to me and I couldn't imagine Treksf or my life without you in it.  :cheers

:happybday :happybday :happybday


 :happybday Happy Birthday Tim!!!  :happybday
I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day.




Happy Birthday to the cheekiest cheekster in town. :D




 :cheers  :juggle Happy Birthday Trekkygeek!! :juggle :cheers



....oh.....I get to wish you Happy Birthday on here too!! LOL

Star Trek Voyager - Happy Birthday


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