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"Chuck" - season three

Started by Rico, November 20, 2009, 04:23:35 AM

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yep that was her!  fun episode tonight.

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So the Chuck finale, I know it's not really the season finale, but it was the original season finale before NBC ordered in another 6 episodes for season 3 (which I'm all to pleased with).

[spoiler]I enjoyed the episode, but I thought some of it was a little flat or formulaic. The whole thing with Shaw, Chuck, and Sarah and the stand off was just kind of boring. I wanted to feel something, or get some sort of impact out of it, but it just wasn't there for me. I liked the story and how it played out, but it just didn't feel very big deal or exciting like it should have for a finale episode. The ending was good though, the final rap up. At the most I'm really excited for the next 6 episodes of the season. I'm kind of glad Shaw is gone and that it will be like the old team back together again, plus Morgan joining looks like it's going to make for a lot of fun. He's kinda like the Chuck as he would be if all the things hadn't happened to him since season 1.[/spoiler]

So I'm loving the show and can't wait for it to come back.


I've been enjoying the season quite a bit.  I like how they have been involving some of the other characters a bit more this season.  Glad we've still got more episodes to come too.  Here's hoping we get a season 4!


Ahh - that makes sense.  So we get another 6 episodes of...[spoiler]Morgan in training[/spoiler]


Really liked this week's new episode.  Just had lots of great moments.  Spoilers in this music video....

Chuck and Sarah - Feeling Good

Here it is embedded here too:



I also really enjoyed this weeks episode. It's such a fun show.


Yeah, it was a neat show.  Casey was looking a little slow.  Ending with the general was great.


I just hope they don't ruin this couple thing and break them up.  I get a bit tired of TV never showing a happy couple together.  There are some out there - really.  ;)


Yes - that would ruin the show.  Chuck should tell his sister everything.


Yeah, I would like her to learn about Chuck too.  Don't forget Chuck and his sister's dad is coming back this season still too (Scott Bakula).


I don't watch this anymore.. but for those who do you'll be happy to hear that NBC just renewed Chuck for another season.