Dick Van Dycke Show

Started by cosmonaut, November 14, 2009, 03:37:02 AM

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I found myself watching a nearly 50 years old TV show today, and to my surprise I didn't quit after the first 5 minutes. It's good! Those jokes were made again and again over the last decades, so it's probably a classic. The stage acting style with it's exaggerated mimics and gestures is a bit odd, but I was able to get over it.

Yes, I'm not that happy with the wife, but I think the secretary makes up for it! (Latter reminded me a bit of Janeway.)

So i you're feeling nostalgic today, youtube has a good quality video just waiting for you!

Dick Van Dyke Show: Episode 01: The Sick Boy and the Sitter


Wow!  I used to watch that as a kid (in re-runs....ahem!).  Great show.  There was some good stuff back then.  Curses!  Now I will be humming that music all day long!  (hopefully I will not trip over the ottoman though...)


OMGosh - look at those PANTS!  Did men have to cover their belly buttons also back then?  :D