Started by CMOHamm, October 15, 2009, 06:26:53 PM

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Just an interesting note. I was watching a TNG episode today and i thought it was funny.  It was the one with the Ionian's and the probe that is trying to rewrite the ships computers, and where the Yamato is destroyed.  Well when Data turns on the portal ( by accident) the first picture with the towers and the skating rink is a picture of Toronto's city hall. I've seen this sooo many times but never realizes what it was. lol  It's nice to see a piece of home in my favorite tv show.

Ps. I really enjoyed when LaForge got electricuted and Data pulled him off the console.  The look on Data's face was awesome,  I had to laugh.  Spiner is a great actor for this!


I saw that one recently too.  :laugh: Data gets all the good lines!


Ya, I remember seeing that one too.  Can't say I think of the "future" when I look at City Hall!



Yeah, its true.  I wish they used another picture now that you mention it. Something less recognizable.


Well as much as we like to think everyone would recognize Toronto City Hall (frankly I wouldn't but I'm a displaced Montrealer) but I don't think it's as iconic as say, the Empire State Building, London Bridge or even the CN Tower.


Maybe they were going for something not recognizable to all. 

I wonder what gave them the idea to use it?  kinda like a shout out to