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Cartoon Network airing live-action

Started by dankrug572, July 27, 2009, 11:13:04 AM

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This is kind of old news, but it's still a real problem. In like May 2009, a block of live action reality TV shows premiered on Network, called CN Real. Here's a music video promoting it:

Cn real theme-andrew W.K. are you herein what i said

Now I know that throughout July 2009 CN Real has bombed and gotten less airtime, but CN isn't giving up. In August they're premiering two more live-action shows, Bobbe's Says and Dude, What Would Happen?, not to mention they have Slamball now, which isn't considered part of CN Real for some reason. Also they barely show animated movies anymore. There are some cartoons that look promising coming this fall, but I just wish they'd show all cartoons. It bothers me that they have thousands of cartoons in their library, including every Hanna-Barbera show, MGM cartoons like Droopy, and WB cartoons like Looney Tunes, plus all of their older originals, and they choose to show live-action instead. Instead of acquiring some actually GOOD shows such as Class of the Titans, Being Ian, Guardians of Luna, and many of the anime out there like new episodes of One Piece, Naruto, and Hunter X Hunter, they choose to be incredibly cheap and show only Canadian flash cartoons, Survive This, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Which has managed to bore me a lot). It's like they think people don't like cartoons anymore, and if they air them they won't be good anymore. Well, did they forget how successful they were 1998 - 2005??? They set records! They were leagues ahead of Nick and Disney. But now they just want to be a general kids network. The animation industry as a whole is in serious trouble, and if a network, created for cartoons, doesn't think cartoons are good enough anymore, then who will?

Hey CN,


I just miss the days when they had great original cartoons like Dexter's Lab, Cow And Chicken, Sheep in the Big City, Time Squad, Johnny Bravo, and Foster's. I miss great blocks such as CCF, Toonami, CN Fridays and, heck, even Miguzi when it first came out. I just miss the days when CN actually showed only cartoons :(

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You all lost THE GAME.



I'm willing to allow a change. I for one and sick of thanksgivings Iron Giant marathons.


I totally agree with everything Gundam555 is saying. CN developed their "classic cartoon network" Boomerang 2-3 years ago as a cable and satellite add-on channel forcing subscribers to pay for the privilege of seeing their favorites. I assume the original CN is creating reality shows as an attempt to capture some of the tweenagers who believe themselves to be too old for cartoons. It wouldn't be the first time corporate greed spoiled a good thing.(sigh)
I miss Samurai Jack and Justice League most of all. :'(


It's harder to be subtle about product placement and creating a "gotta have it" frenzy with "old" cartoons.  I didn't really do cartoons as an adult until I met Chad (I didn't have cable, and usually slept through Saturday mornings) and had no choice but to watch 'toons with him and the boys.  I did enjoy many of them (classic WB, Samurai Jack, Fairly Odd Parents, off the top of my head), and would watch them again if they were on and I had the time.  I miss Home Movies, Science Court, and Harvey Birdman too.  And Venture Brothers new episodes have to be coming soon, right?