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Hey there from Canada AB!

Started by cassious, June 15, 2009, 10:27:33 AM

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*Just got attacked by the amount of emoticons*

I like this already ^^.

Hey there! I'm Cass(or Cassious, whatever floats your boat) from Alberta, Canada.

I'm what would now be known as the younger generation of Trekkies. NO, I did not just watch the new movie, see Kirk and go  ":love (YES!I got to use one!) OmG GUYZ!Hes like SOoOoOOoOoOoOo hawt!!121@1!!1!1!*droolz*"

...Well...Spock was like that....But you can't blame me!

I first fell in love with Star Trek back in March of this year. I was bored, surfing through channels and decided to fall asleep during "some boring, 80's crap, Sci-Fi show". However, I seemed to have forgotten I can't fall asleep while watching T.V. The first episode I watched was "Datalore" and I thought Data was the coolest(and he still is). Later, one day when I got home from school I caught the last half of "The measure of a man". So I decided to watch it religiously, even if it meant falling asleep in Spanish the next day.

Then I discovered DS9 during my exam break. Who needs English and Spanish class anyways?

I then found episodes on youtube and other places and returned to my regular sleeping schedule.

So far, I'm on season 6 of TNG and season 7 of DS9. I'll work on the others when I'm finished these two, but right now, they're my favourites. My favourite characters are...Well...Everybody except Polaski, but mainly Data, Odo and Spock. I've been to one convention(Not hardcore like the ones in Vegas, but there were a lot of Klingons and I did have a chance to go to Q&A sessions with the Klingon sisters, the ones from Generations, but I didn't have the $60.) and I plan to continue going to that one. My favourite ships are the Defiant and Enterprise-D.

Star Trek also got me hooked on Astrology and Theoretical Physics. If you want to discuss this stuff, feel free to message me(Although, I only know a little bit, so you'll probably just be explaining it to me LOL)

I'll be back soon to post in discussion threads, first I've got to go tackle an English exam *grrr*....
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Welcome!  Sounds like you will fit right in here.


Yay, another Canadian! Soon we will rival the Brits.



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Quote from: billybob476 on June 15, 2009, 11:06:23 AM
Yay, another Canadian! Soon we will rival the Brits.



Welcome to Rico's world (and ours as well)!

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


Welcome to our geeky family... oh to be enjoying Star Trek for the first time again.. you're in for a real treat.



Wow...and I thought I HAD a caffeine problem :) Welcome Cass, oooh, I'm not the newbie any more!!! YEAH!!
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Welcome Cass; glad to have you here. :)


I have been and always will be, your friend.
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Howdy, howdy, howdy there.  :biggrin



Welcome Aboard, Cass! :cheers


Hi there Cass welcome to the forums.