Lieutenant Lester Garriss

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Name: Lester Garriss
Position: Engineering Officer
Rank: Lieutenant (full)


Born: 2350
Place Of Birth: Proxima Centauri Colony
Gender: Male
Species Of Origin: Human
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190
Skin Tone: Olive
Telepathic and Empathic Status: None
Body: Athletic
Face: Oval
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Habits: Interrupting others, cracks his knuckles a lot.
Quarters: Very few personal possessions, cluttered with gadgets and components.
Likes: Experimenting with tech and inventing.
Dislikes: People who talk for the sake of talking.
Ambitions and Goals: To have some technology, theory or invention named after himself.
Temperament: Can be argumentative and struggles in relationships with others due to poor people skills but can be a loyal friend.
Hobbies: Reading technical manuals, inventing and tweaking.

Mother: Julia Garriss (Starfleet Admiral)
Father: Donald Garriss, (Starfleet Commander, in charge of the Proxima Centauri shipyards)
Siblings: None

Time line history / character profile

2258   Destruction of the planet Vulcan in with the loss of the Vulcan shipyards.

2263   The Proxima Centauri engineering depot was expanded into a new base of operations and Fleet shipyards to replace the Vulcan shipyards.

2350   Lester Garriss born at the Proxima Centauri colony to parents Commander Donald Garriss, Senior Starfleet Engineer and Julia Garriss, Lt. Commander Starfleet.

2360   Commander Donald Garriss takes command of the Proxima Centauri shipyards.

2363   Lt. Commander Julia Garriss assigned to USS Ajax and takes Lester with her.

2364   USS Ajax given experimental warp drive upgrades. It was later discovered that the test formula used had no actual effect and increases in efficiency were attributed to general maintenance, a fact that a 14 year old Lester, who already had a keen interest in engineering and warp propulsion, tried to explain to his engineering officer mother.

2368   Lester enters Starfleet Academy, already having achieved an Engineering degree specializing in warp propulsion theory.

2371   Lester graduates Starfleet Academy early due to already having extra academic credit and due to cadet fast tracking to replenish the fleet after the loss at Wolf 359 in 2367. Assigned to Earth's San Fransisco shipyards as a junior engineer installing systems to the new Sovereign Class USS Enterprise E.

2372   USS Enterprise E launches from the San Fransisco shipyards. Lester assigned to work as part of a warp engine design research team.

2374   Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned command of his research team at San Fransisco shipyards.

2379   Lester has an encounter with a superior officer over a proposed revision to warp engine design resulting in a reprimand on his record. He decides on a career change and applies for a position in the field on a starship.

2381   After many failed attempts at a transfer, Lester resorts to using his mother's influence and gets assigned as an engineering officer on the USS Ajax. He finds himself 'under challenged'. Promoted to full Lieutenant.

2386   Disillusioned with starship life, Lester transfers to shipyard duties once again and aids in the construction of the USS Arabella.

2387   The destruction of Romulus and Remus results in changes in fleet operations. Lester requests a permanent assignment on the newly launched USS Arabella with the hopes of new challenges and the chance to have access to Romulan technology.