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Cyra Fredric, Civilian/Lounge Hostess

Started by KC, June 08, 2009, 01:12:00 PM

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Character's Name: Cyra Fredric


Age: 23
Place Of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Gender: Female
Species Of Origin: Orion/Human
Hair: Black; styled in a bob, cut just below the chin.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'
Weight: 115 lbs.
Skin Tone: Light green
Telepathic and Empathic Status: None
Body: Slender
Face: Oval-shaped.
Marital Stats: Single
Children: None
Habits: Bites lower lip when anxious
Quarters: A bit disorganized, but tidy.
Likes: Music, especially jazz, blues, and rock and roll.
Dislikes: Dishonesty and hypocrites.
Ambitions and Goals: Just living in the moment and seeing the far-off reaches of the universe.
Temperament: Is able to draw attention to herself while on the job, but is quite reserved otherwise.
Hobbies: Reading, singing, playing the piano, cooking, and dabbling in songwriting.

Mother: Maali (pronounced "Molly")
Father: Bradley
Siblings: Two younger sisters, Danika and Sofie

Character History

Cyra is the firstborn daughter of former Starfleet officer Bradley Fredric and Maali, an Orion companion he was introduced to on a mission. After a brief courtship, the two married and Bradley took a position as an instructor at the Starfleet Academy as his family began to expand. Cyra was introduced to both very, very different aspects of her heritage, her father telling her stories about his time with Starfleet and training her in different fighting techniques, and her mother introducing her to the arts--dance and music particularly, placing her in piano lessons at a young age--teaching her about Orion pheromones and their power. This became one of many issues that both parents would (loudly) acknowledge when raising their children, both wanting to emphasize the importance of their own respective race and thus creating more confusion for Cyra, Danika, and Sofie.
Cyra and her sisters became the witnesses to Bradley and Maali's failing marriage, often waiting in her bedroom together as they argued downstairs. Although the facts were hidden from Danika and Sofie, it became clear to Cyra that Maali was unfaithful to Bradley with an unnamed male. Her parents finally separated when she was 15, but would not officially divorce until two years later, after an attempt at reconciliation. After the divorce was finalized, Cyra exhibited wild behavior outside of her home--getting into fights, roaming the streets of San Francisco alone, skipping class, and everything else a reckless 17-year-old should never do.
She graduated--just barely--with her high school diploma, but had no aspirations to further her education at a university. At the age of 18, she moved out of her home for a brief amount of time, but would return home in a state of distress. It would take nearly three years of therapy before she would open up to her own father about the events that lead her back home, and she still remains silent about these events to this day. In 2387, Cyra joined the USS Arabella as a lounge hostess and piano player, although her father still encourages her to join Starfleet despite her disinterest.