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This is the most recent version of the time line for the new universe. Some things have yet to be included. If I am missing something with your characters, feel free to PM me the details that you want added in the format that the rest of the time line is in. It's my goal to have this consistent with the histories of the characters, so if you also write something new in your back stories, send it to me to add. I think it might become a great tool in shaping out your histories.

Star Trek X: Time Line

2087 – The Drett symbiont is born

2258 - The first of the Federation's new Constitution-class starships is completed. Named in honor of the historic NX-01, the USS Enterprise's first mission results in saving Earth and Starfleet from a menace from an alternate future named Nero.  Because of his uncommon bravery, leadership, and ingenuity during the Nero Crisis, acting Captain James Tiberius Kirk is officially promoted to Captain, making him the youngest Starship Captain in Starfleet history. The planet Vulcan is destroyed with only 10,000 survivors escaping the planet to meet with an unclear number of vulcans that were already off planet.

2263 - The Proxima Centuari Shipyards is expanded to assist in the loss of the Vulcan Shipyards

2268 - Vulcans build a small city on the hot side of T'Khut, the tide locked sister planet of the destroyed Vulcan, and located almost opposite the Federation outpost Delta Vega on the icy side of the same planet.

2270 - A majority of the survivors of Vulcan arrive on a replica of their homeworld, after Spock Prime negotiates a treaty with the Vulcans of that world, in a time similar to that around the sundering, who did not have a Surak born to their world. The immigrating "Old Vulcans" work to bring the logic of Surak to their new cousins while some of the survivors feel that there must be another way to save their people. This new planet is given the name of the old and starcharts are adjusted, but there are still less than 500,000 vulcans in total on this new world. http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Hodgkin%27s_Law_of_Parallel_Planetary_Development

2293 - Undiscovered Country events. Khitomer Conference. James Kirk is lost to the Nexus. Aeric James is born in the Nexus.

2305 -  Duotronic circuitry, which has been the basis of much of the Federation's computer technology, is replaced by Isolinear circuitry. This new format employs holographic technology to store data three-dimensionally throughout the medium, making it possible to automate many starship functions previously operated by living crewmen. As a result, engineers are able to scale down starship frames, resulting in a new, smaller starship design.  These new ships are able to operate with smaller crews than previous models, and employ a much more efficient use of material.

2319 - Donald Garriss is born.

2320 - Nicholas Johnson is born on Earth.

2321 - Thelora is born on Andor

2324 - Selar is born.

2325 – Sevryll is born on Earth while her mother, Captain Sareth, is on shore leave with her husband, Vulcan Representative Sokrell. Karum D'Callan is born in New Sydney on Earth. Selar is born.

2329 - Tolok born on New Vulcan to full Vulcan parents Slel and T'Larr and grows up in a benevolent matriarchy of his mother and grandmother due to his fathers regular periods of absence due to Starfleet service.

2332 – Nexus returns. Kirk and a teen Aeric James returns from the Nexus on the bridge of the Enterprise B during her decommission. Spock Prime vanishes from history.

2333 – Aeric James enters the Federation Science Academy.

2337 –  Aeric James graduates the FSA. Starfleet Corp of Engineers begins the teraforming project of Ceti Alpha V. Aeric James serves as the pilot for the FSA mission there.

2338 – Aeric James enters Starfleet Academy. Nick Johnson enters Starfleet Academy.

2339 - Thelora enters Starfleet Academy

2340 – Worf is born.

2342 – Ensign Aeric James graduates the Academy with doctorates in Warp Theory, Advanced Theoretical Physics, and Engineering, but continues his education instead of taking a posting.

2343 – Sevryll enters the Academy for Astrophysics and Probability Mechanics. Selar enters the academy and star fleet medical. Karum D'Callan enters the Academy and is in Sevryll's Probability Mechanics class. Aeric James starts teaching career with an introductory class in Spatial Anomalies. Sokrell begins talks with Federation on establishing a secret colony on Ceti Alpha V. Ch'Fras Zremm is born. Casey Peterson is born.

2344 – Aeric resigns his teaching post due to conflict of interest and begins working as an aid to Admiral Sareth to prove himself.

2345 – Aeric and Sevryll are bonded in a private ceremony on Earth.

2346 - Ceti Alpha V is approved for colonization and made off limits to anyone not directly related to the classified Unification Project.   Representative Sokrell leads the project.

2347 – Ensigns Sevryll and Karum D'Callan graduate the academy. Lt. (JG) James and Ensign Sevryll are married on Ceti Alpha V shortly before assuming a post on the USS Goforth. Ensign Selar attends Starfleet medical. Selar ends her bonding to her husband Sukat. Karum meets Chloe Hartnell at the SFA leaving party.

2348 - Karum D'Callan marries Chloe, they honeymoon in New Sydney. Tolok enters Vulcan Science Academy.

2349 – Joseph D'Callan is born. Otak is born. Sevryll is promoted to Lt (JG).

2350 - Lester Garriss born at the Proxima Centauri colony to parents Commander Donald Garriss, Senior Starfleet Engineer and Julia Garriss, Lt. Commander Starfleet.

2351 – Selar graduates Starfleet medical.

2352 – Zremm is born. Aeric is promoted to Lieutenant. Theran D'Callan is born. Tolok graduates with an advanced degree in power systems.

2353 – Sevryll is promoted to Lieutenant.

2354 - Tolok enters Starfleet Academy.

2355 - start of Cardassian-Federation war.

2356 - K'Tan is born.

2357 – Galdar is born. Ryla Emarrin is born on Trill.

2358- To mark the 100 year anniversary of the historic launch of the Constitution Class, starfleet proposes a new class of ship- the Excalibur-class. While ridiculed by some because of its decidedly 'retro' appearance, the proposed design promises to outperform the Ambassador and Galaxy-class starships currently in use. Tolok graduates from Starfleet Academy and posted to Utopia Planetia.

2359 – Warp shuttle Aurora is constructed. Aeric promoted to Lt. Commander. Thala is born. Klingon colony world Aviskie, located in disputed space near the Klingon/Romulan border, is caught in the crossfire of a Romulan "exercise".  Two human diplomats are killed during the incident, orphaning their son.  He is adopted into the House of Gal and named K'Tan.

2360 – Sevryll is promoted to Lt. Commander. Sevryll and Aeric consult Selar at Starfleet medical about their their ability to have children. Karum reluctantly says good bye to Chloe and accepts recruitment aboard the USS Wyoming under Captain Akaar as a medic. Commander Donald Garriss is promoted to command the Proxima Shipyards.

2361 - Shelby Daelen is born.

2363 - Lt. Julia Garriss is assigned to the USS Ajax and brings her son Lester with her. Tolok is promoted to Lieuteneant (JG) and transfered to Starbase 173.

2364 – Susan Caine is born. Launch of Enterprise Dr. Selar serves on Enterprise D. USS Ajax given experimental warp drive upgrades. It was later discovered that the test formula used had no actual effect and increases in efficiency were attributed to general maintenance, a fact that a 14 year old Lester, who already had a keen interest in engineering and warp propulsion, tried to explain to his engineering officer mother.

2365 - Tolok takes a year of personal time away from starfleet. Tavek, son of Tolak is born.

2366 – Selar adopts the Andorian Thala. Tolok returns to Starfleet at Starbase 173 as an engineering officer.

2367 – Cardassian-Federation War Ceasefire. Battle of Wolf 359 with the USS Goforth as the only surviving ship. Rok James is born premature and dies as a result of the Borg attack. Sevryll and Aeric's bond is enhanced as a result of his grief. Aeric and Sevryll resign commissions and travel to explore the Rigel system in the Aurora. Joe D'Callan enters the Academy. Otak enters the Academy. Selar aids in the Q wars.

2368 - Tolok transfers to USS Phoenix.

2369 – Start of DS9. At the age of 13, K'Tan successfully completes the Rites of Ascension, declaring his intention to follow the warrior's path.

2370 – Marquis is formed. Theran D'Callan joins SFA. The Federation creates a data-storage medium even more more advanced than isolenear chip technology: Bio-Neural gel ciruitry. This new format increases computational efficiency, drastically improving starship capabilities. The first Sovereign -class starship is completed at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. Tolok promoted to Lieutenant.

2371 – Nexus returns. Generations Movie (sans Kirk). Voyager is launched. Aeric starts his nanotech project. D'Callan and Otak graduate the academy. Ensign D'Callan assists in the recovery of the destroyed Enterprise D. Selar takes leave from the Enterprise to be with husband who dies before her Pon farr is fully completed.

2372 – The Sovereign class Enterprise-E launches and placed under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Joe D'Callan meets William Riker at a jazz recital. Admiral Nicholas Johnson takes command of the Sovreign class USS Challenger as his flag ship with Thelora as the captain. Tolok transfers to USS Intrepid.

2373 - Outbreak of the Dominion War. Aeric James and Sevryll are recalled to Starfleet and are stationed at Starbase 375 to assist in the war efforts.   Joe D'Callan transfer to the security department of the USS Defiant. Selar becomes chief medical officer of the USS Excalibur. The new flagship has its first major engagement when it sees action in the Borg incursion into Sector 001, and is instrumental in the destruction of the attacking cube. (Star Trek: First Contact). K'Tan enters the Klingon Defense force and begins officer training.

2374 - Aurora recieves a complete rebuild and refit to incorporate new advances from the Federation and new prototype technology designed by Aeric James. Battle of Betazed. Sevryll is taken prisoner and replaced by a Founder. Aeric James and Sevryll are promoted to Commanders. Ensign Theran D'callan is assigned to the USS Destiny. Aeric ordered to end nanotech research and destroy all notes and technologies due to concerns of it causing a new Eugenics Crisis.

2375 – Insurrection movie. Destruction of Sentok Nor over Betazed. The Dominion War ends.  Aria James is born, delivered by a visiting Doctor Selar.  Aeric enters reserve status to be a father and with Sevryll who is assigned to the USS Hercules, assigned to border patrol of the Federation. Aeric James assists in the design process for the Luna class and leads ideas for an Intrepid class refit. D'Callan is promoted to Lt. (Jg). Ryla Emarrin enters Starfleet Medical and Starfleet academy. Galdar leaves home and takes an apprenticeship aboard Glandor Class transport ship Depository under Damon Glem. Chloe D'Callan dies and is buried by her husband and sons in the family plot. With his older brother's sponsorship, K'Tan is permitted  to apply for officer training at Ty'Gokor. The application process almost kills him. Tolok promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transfered to the USS Prekofiev as chief engineer.

2376 – Galdar enters the academy. Lt. (JG) D'Callan returns to earth for additional training. Selar give birth to Xyon.

2377 – Pro-Unification vulcanoids are secretly welcomed to Ceti Alpha V. First Contact with the Watraii. Federation offers aid to the Watraii. Galdar and Ryla meet at the academy. Theran D'Callan is promoted to Lt. (JG) and begins studying his father's research in Humanoid Mechanics. K'Tan is promoted to Lieutenant on the IKS Bortas, a Vor'cha-class attack cruiser.

2378 - The return of the USS Voyager.  Rori hologram is created. D'Callan is placed in charge of the return celebration of the USS Voyager. Enterprise E refit.

2379 – Aeric uses his nanotech research to repair the rapid aging condition of Xyon at the behest of Selar. Nemesis. USS Titan launches under the command of Captain Riker. Relaunch of the USS Tiberius under the Command of Captain Quinn.  Ryla gains the Drett symbiont. D'Callan transferred to the USS Titan.  Aeric returns to Starfleet as the CAG of the Tiberius. Sevryll assumes the duties of XO. After a traumatic incident involving his lover K'Lara, K'Tan looses faith in his prospects within the Empire.  He leaves the Klingon Defense Force and is accepted into Starfleet after the completion some required Academy coursework at his previous rank. Tolok resignes from Starfleet to undergo Kolinahr.

2380 – Romulan empire splits into two camps. The Romulan Star Empire led by Praetor Tal'aura and the Imperial Romulan State led by Empress Donatra. Remus is aided by the Klingon Empire. Some Reman are relocated to Klorgat VII. Starfleet battles a renewed Borg threat. Picard and Crusher are wed. Crusher becomes pregnant.  Drett and Galdar graduate the academy. Ryla Drett assigned to USS Tiberius under CMO Lucas.  Aurora has her second major refit to incorporate new advances. Theran D'Callan resigns from Starfleet to join his father's work. Shelby Daelen enters Starfleet Academy. Ensign Galdar is assigned to the USS Tiberius as a flight officer.

2381 – Borg final attack on the Federation. 63 billon people are killed, but Borg threat is removed from the universe. Typhon pact is formed uniting various anti federation and klingon factions Romulan Star Empire, Tzenkethi Coalition, Breen Confederacy, Gorn Hegemony, Tholian Assembly and the Holy Order of the Kinshaya. Federation responds by extending the Khitomer accords to the Imperial Romulan State, Ferengi Alliance, Talarian Republic and Cardassian Union . Fleet of nine Federation ships are outfitted with Slipstream and tasked to explore the Delta Quadrant as part of Project Full Circle.  D'Callan is promoted to Lt. on the Titan. Ensign Galdar is assigned to the USS Tiberius. Zero-point power prove incompatible to Slipstream technologies, but provides far higher levels of power that increases normal warp speeds, provides more power to operational systems, and stronger offensive/ defensive systems. Due to the very nature of the slipstream system, Starfleet continues to focus on developing more efficient warp drive systems that will allow a ship to continue to scan and study surrounding space, an option not available during slipstream travel. K'Tan completes his required Academy work and granted his first posting is as Lieutenant on the USS Excalibur.

2382 – Ro Laren joins the crew of DS9. Klingons retake Khitomer. Murryn and Nevaul are born on the Tiberius, safely delivered by Ryla Drett. Susan Caine enters the Academy.  Drett promoted to Lt (JG). Lt.  K'Tan is transferred from the Excalibur to the USS Ranger.

2383 – After nearly coming to blows with the XO of the Ranger, Lt K'Tan is transfered to the USS Tiberius.

2384 - Sela, a human/romulan hybrid, made proconsul to praetor Tal'aura. Tal'aura is found assassinated and the plot is blamed on Remans by Sela.  D'Callan joins the crew of the USS Tiberius.  Rori receives a prototype personal emitter co-created by Aeric James and the Daystrom Institute. Ensign Shelby Daelen graduates the Academy.

2385 – The Lucas Virus is used in a plot against the Vulcans of New Vulcan that was uncovered by the crew of the USS Tiberius. Crusher is made captain of the Uss Pasteur. Data personality recovered in the B4 android. Worf resigns his commission and becomes lead ambassador of Qo'noS.  Tiberius and Aurora destroyed over New Vulcan. Ryla Drett promoted to full Lt and assumes the duties of Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the Tiberius. Aeric James promoted to commander of the Federation shipyards over New Vulcan.  Galdar promoted to Lt (JG) and is rotated to Starbase 416 as the duty flight control officer and a shuttle pilot. Construction began on USS Arabella and USS Tiberius B as the first fully Zero-point powered Starships with additional technologies to allow for in field repairs and restocking rather than require fleet or starbase support. Ships of Project Full Circle return to Federation space, but are a year over due and the findings of the mission are classified. K'Tan is promoted to Lieuntenant Commander. Ensign Shelby Daelen is assigned to the New Vulcan Fleetyards as a security officer.

2386 – Crew of the Tiberius is scattered with the loss of their ship. Aurora II, Llyrves class Runabout prototype is built by Aeric James using every advance that can be fitted into the small craft including a small scale work around to the zero point / slipstream compatibility issues. Galdar transfers to Saber Class Luxembourg as Beta Shift Conn Officer. Lt (JG) Galdar transfers to the USS Luxembourg. Using the Aurora, Commander Aeric James commutes to Earth during the weekends to spend time with his family. Dennis holopet is granted mobility with a new prototype mobile emitter. Tolor completed his Kolinahr.

2387 – Current year. Loss of Romulas and Remus. Critical blow to the Romulan Star Empire. USS Arabella and Tiberius B are brought online.  The USS Arabella, the first of the Intrepid II Class is placed under the Command of Captain Sevryll and XO Commander Aeric James. They assigned to deal with issues in Romulan space at the invite of the now missing Empress Donatra. Galdar promoted to Lieutenant as part of his transfer to the USS Arabella as her Helmsman. Joseph D'Callan is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and takes the role of Security Chief of the Arabella. Doctor Ryla Drett promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assumes the duties of Chief Medical Officer. The launch of the Excalibur Class prototype 39 years after the initial proposal. Tolok returns to Starfleet as Chief Engineer of USS Arabella.